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Justine Balancing Daily Skin Care Range For Normal/Combination Skin

March 31, 2014
Justine Balancing Daily Skin Care Range For Normal/Combination Skin

Justine Balancing Daily Skin Care Range For Normal/Combination Skin consists of a Balancing Foaming Cleanser, Balancing Toning Lotion and Balancing Day Cream (with SPF 15).


Justine Balancing Daily Skin Care Range

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justine face care
I received a parcel from BB which contained the Justine Balancing range.. I tried it now for two weeks andis so amazed by it. I normaly struggle to get someting to work on my skin, but this range worked. I can really see a diference since using this range.

It is so easy to use aswell.

firstly you use the balancing facewash to wash your face and neck area. Next you use the balancing toning lotion: you put some on a cotton wool and wipe your neck and face from the inside outwards. The you use the balancing day moisturiser which have a SPF of 15 to moisturise our face. And then your ready for the day.

I would definately recomend this to anybody.

Justine balancing range is so awesome, and definately worth every cent.

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Justine Balancing Daily Skin Care Range For Normal/Combination Skin
I would like to take this opportunity to thank Beauty Bulletin for affording me this opportunity to review this amazing product range. Having tried a few products from Justine however I had not been able to try their complete skin range and this is my first time and I feel honoured.

I have been hoping from one product to another and have been struggling to make up my mind on which product is perfectly suitable for my skin. However I am glad and confident to announce that Justine's Balancing Daily Skin Care Range has proven to be quite good to me.

1. Justine Balancing Foaming Cleanser
This cleanser is in gel form and does not stick onto your face. You put a bit on your palm and run a bit of lukewarm water mix it in your hands and apply all over your face and neck. I love it because it does not foam too much compared to other cleansers hence this makes it easy to wash off saving you lots of time. After washing off with lukewarm water my skin feels very very fresh, smooth and well moisturised you can even stay a while before proceeding to step 2 because it does not leave skin dry. It removes all the dirt and traces of heavy make up, I use lots of foundation but this cleanser thoroughly removes any traces of impurities and is very easy to use. It takes about 1 min to apply and wash it off and it easily comes off when washing it off.

2. Justine Balancing Toning Lotion
I am not a fan of toning lotions and have always avoided toning even though I know its a must to tone your skin after cleansing. Justine Balancing Toning Lotion has proven me very wrong. This is one of the Best Toning lotions ever. By using cotton pads you apply a few drops and wet the cotton pad and gently wipe all over your face concentrating all areas especially the T area. This toner leaves your skin smooth and feeling so fresh and it has a very nice scent which encourages one to tone over and over without feeling lazy. This toner does not leave skin dry and rough but gives the skin a fresh and smooth look. I have totally fallen for it and I vote it as the best toner I have ever used.

3. Justine Balancing Day Cream SPF 15
The cream comes in a very beautiful round container that has a glass like outer appearance. Its a rich and thicky cream which easily absorbs into one's skin easily without much effort. By use of your hands you apply it gently all over the face and neck because of its richness you do not need to apply much just a bit will be enough. It therefore leaves your skin well moisturised just as the name says it all, the skin feels and looks balanced indeed. You can wait a minute or 2 before you can apply any foundation. You need to allow your skin to absorb the moisture in the cream it also helps even out your face. Ever since I started using this product I have not experienced breaking out and spots. My skin is as smooth as a baby's one ever since using this range I can safely say This is mine for keeps!

In conclusion I would urge all ladies with normal to combination skin to try Justine's Balancing Daily Skin care range for Normal/Combination skin, give it a try give it a chance you will no regret it, at first I thought its like any other but its clearly not, this is good quality that lasts hence saving some money. We are able to purchase these through Justine Representatives in different areas this means that the product comes to you, you do not have to look for it.

I am grateful to Beauty Bulletin and Justine for affording me such a prestigious opportunity of reviewing their product. I am truly happy with this product it for keeps!
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Justine ME- MINUTES 3 step Skincare
Ok, so its been 3 weeks since iv received my Justine products to review, thanks BB for choosing me. Firstly the Mattifying clay cleanser, now normally I would xpect a facewash to be foamy but this cleanser is not, nevertheless my skin feels superclean and fresh jus after cleansing. Leaves my skin feeling smooth and clear and no oiliness. The best thing about the toning lotion is its alcohol free, now my husband has this thing about toners, says that its not the dirt dats coming off, its actually my skin that's getn burnt with all the chemicals in the toner lol. He actually did convince me but after using Justines toning lotion, there is no burning feeling, it also has a fresh and clean fragrance, its shocking the amount of dirt that's on our skin ( face alone ), now for the mattifying day cream, this actually didn't impress me much because after using it my skin became oily so I decided to use it at night after cleansing and toning which suits me jus fine cos my skin feels so smooth when I get up the next morning. So apart from me using the day cream at night, I have njoyd my ME-MINUTES experience with Justine. Thanks BB and JUSTINE :)
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Justine Daily regime
I believe your skin's behaviour (or 'type') changes from day to day - but only marginally. In other words your skin is very unlikely to go from dry to oily (or vice-versa), and certainly not with the seasons as we are often led to believe. Most of us have dry-to-combination skin and this condition is exaggerated with age, the cold and ill health.
On top of this, skin can look drab: dark circles and puffiness can manifest near the eyes and little spots can appear on oily areas. These are protest signs - to the cream you are using, the water you are not drinking, or over-exfoliation. The better you know your skin, the easier it is to recognise these signs.
One way to stay grounded with beauty and not get swept up in the hype is regularly to remind yourself of the basic skincare rules, and review the way you look after your skin. Think of your routine as blocks on which to build your regime. Justine is what every woman needs. It is fast, pure, no hassle regime. With Justine beautiful skin is in every woman’s reach.
Cleanser Wash-off cleansers tend to suit normal, combination and oily skins. Use your Justine Wash with this technique to maximize your products effectiveness.
Your application technique is just as important as the products you use. All faces benefit from a regular pressure-point massage because it sends freshly oxygenated, nutrient-rich blood to the skin's cells, promoting glow and tone, and reduces puffiness by releasing fluid. Follow this routine every day:
1 Using your middle fingers and, starting from the centre of your forehead, press firmly. Then move both fingers out towards your temples, stop, pause, then release and repeat several times.
2 Repeat the movement starting from the centre of your eyebrows, up and over them, moving out towards your temples.
3 Repeat, starting from either side of your nose, pushing up over the cheekbones and out towards your hairline.
4 Repeat, going from the corners of your mouth up to your cheekbones.
5 Using your little finger, apply light pressure on either side of the nose between the eyebrows and eyelids and push gently over the bone towards the outer corners of your eyes.
6 Repeat beneath your eyes, tracing along to the outer corners of your cheekbones.
7 Repeat, starting from the nostrils and tracing down over the corners of your mouth to the chin.
8 Use your thumbs to push along the jawline from the middle of the chin to the ears; gently pinch skin with thumb and forefinger. French therapists call this 'le pince de Jacquet'.
9 Gently pat skin with your fingers and use your fingertips to 'drum' your face.
10 Use the cushions of your palms to gently push skin upwards from your jawline, over your cheekbones, and outwards.
Follow this with your Justine Toner. Do not wipe, but rather dab.
Last but not least. Your daily moisturizer. This is your first line of defence, as skin ages faster when dehydrated.
The perfect regime, to my mind, is one that is so simple it's easier to do than not. This sums up the Justine Balancing Range. So easy, why would you not use.

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Justine Cleanser
Personally I really enjoy this cleanser, due to its gentle properties and softening effects on my skin. It is user friendly, and I really appreciate how easily it foams. I find this cleanser highly effective. However, you do have to be careful when opening the tub, as it does tend to gush out at times. That is nonetheless my only complaint with this product.
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Justine Balancing Daily Skin Care Range For Normal/Combination Skin
Overall rating
Admittedly, I was never a big Justine fan, as I have previously found their products to be too "runny", but WOW, how this Balancing Daily Skin Care Range has changed my mind! Furthermore, I have never taken the time to do a 3-step Skin Care routine, as I am quite lazy and did not believe I needed all three steps, often skipping the Toner, but being required to follow the three steps religiously for this review, I have come to understand the importance of following ALL THREE steps. The Balancing Foaming Cleanser is so gently, yet effectively removes all make-up and impurities, leaving your skin clean and refreshed. The alcohol free Balancing Toning Lotion is so refreshing early in the morning and soothing after a hard day's work. It leaves your skin feeling cool, yet completely soft, as the no alcohol formula does not dry your skin out. Allowing your skin a few minutes to completely absorb the Balancing Toning Lotions, one can proceed to apply the Balancing Day Cream with an SPF 15 factor, which protects your skin from the sun's harmful rays. The cream is light and does not leave your skin feeling oily. Ideally you should give your skin a few minutes to fully absorb the Balancing Day Cream before applying foundation.

It has been a long time since I have found such a nice, light product at a reasonable price...and the best part....the PINK PACKAGING :) yes, I am a girly girl and that is a huge bonus for me!
5 reviews
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Justine Daily Care Range For DRY SKIN
As you know - I am a huge fan of short reviews since, in our day and age, I cannot find the time to read page after page of review that leaves you with more questions than answers.
So here I am:
1. Face wash. I long since stopped using all kinds of cream washes, since I always felt like they were more of a mess than a clean... But after receiving the Justine system for dry skin, I decided to give it another go. I am glad I did. The cream wash is perfect. I use it in the shower and it is quick and easy to use, leaving my skin supple and silky smooth with no make-up in sight. Just what I need!
2. The gel tonic is another amazing idea. I always get fed up with using millions of cotton pieces and conventional tonic. With the gel tonic, I just put a bit on my fingertips and spread it all over my face. Really convenient and refreshing.
3. Lastly, the cream. Really rich and the perfect evening cream for me. Makes my skin feel really vibrant and happy, without any feelings of dryness whatsoever. During the day I need something a little lighter, so I will probably have to try Justine cream for normal skin. I would advise the manufactures to use a bit less perfume though. All products have really pleasant smells, but I find it a bit overpowering after a couple of weeks of use.
All in all I am very happy with the products as they make my daily routine a quick and easy exercise.
P.S. I am not attaching pictures of my skin before and after since, unfortunately, the feeling of my skin is not something you can show, but rather have to feel :)
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Justine Balancing Daily Skincare
Justine balancing skincare range is for people with combination skin, I myself have neve suffered from combination skin until this past summer, I was lucky enough to receive this set from Beauty Bulletin so that I could try Justine's products and then review it. I've used these products religiously for about two or three weeks now and I've seen tremendous results, much more than what I expected. It took longer than I expected to see the results but they definitely showed, my skin no longer has oily sections and my forehead is no longer as dry as it use to be. The oil control definitely works during the day, my make up is no longer as shiny and my skin no longer has that oily glow.

The products are easy to use, it takes three simple steps:

1. Balancing foaming cleanser: Which you use by washing your face with and then rinsing with warm water, I prefer to wait until my face is totally dry before heading on to the next step.

2. Balancing toning lotion: Which is the toner, this usually restores the PH balance in one's skin and it makes your skin feel moisturised once again after having washed your face, there's a cooling sensation that I love. Before continuing to the final step I wait until all the moisture from the toner has been absorbed by my skin.

3. Balancing day cream SPF 15: This is the final step in our three step process, apply the day cream in by starting at the inside of your face and rubbing outward, be careful not to apply too much cream as this will cause oiliness instead of giving you that moisturised and matte feeling.

Over all I find this to be a great product, the smell isn't one of my favourites but it's nothing to wrinkle your nose at, I believe that most people would b thrilled with this product and I always love the fact that the packaging is pink, pretty packaging is key.
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What a surprise
The day I received my package I seriously needed a lift me up and on opening the package I just felt better. I don't normally use these types of products as I cannot afford to buy the face wash, toner and moisturizer, I use soap and water and cream. I got home and immediately washed my face with the face wash, used the toner and put on some moisturizer (even through it is for the day) and I felt better. I have been using it now for just over a week and I must say I am impressed. Usually if I use things like these I get either a rash or start to get pimples, for the first time, this has not happened.

The products are easy to use, fast and convenient, this means I can do the whole cahoot of face care and still have plenty of time to get ready in the morning.

I love it, love it, love it.

Thank you very much for making me part of this product review, I will definitely scrape to purchase this product in future.
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Clean, Refreshed and Nourished
The Justine balancing skincare range is perfect for my combination skin.
It is fast and easy to use with great results - it leaves my skin feeling clean, refreshed and nourished.
Face Cleanser: It is a bit on the liquidy side (be careful when opening it!) but it cleans my skin really well.
Toner: It leaves my skin feeling refreshed.
Face Cream: It absorbs really fast and doesn't leave your skin feeling sticky, perfect for applying makeup shortly after. Skin feels soft to the touch.

3 Steps in 3 Minutes, leaving me with more ME minutes.

Price - The creams are a bit on the pricey side.
Quality - All 3 products are of high quality.
Effectiveness - Does what it says on the packaging, left my skin balanced and glowing.

Thank you Beauty Bulletin for making me a part of the Justine Review Club!
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Justine Combination Balancing Skincare
Thanks for the beauty representative for chosing me to try out the products from Justine.
I love the packaging of the products, very sleek.
The cleanser smells nice and made my face feel soft after use. It didn't foam as much as I thought it would.
The Toner made my face feel refreshed.
I love the cream, and it has a SPF19...ideal.
I have being using the products for three days now, and my skin already feel much softer.

I will post another review in a weeks time and let you guys know the progress.
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Justine Daily Balancing Skincare Range
An easy to use skincare range which is affordable and pleasant smelling. At first use it appears to be just another skincare range but after a week of use, my skin feels refreshed and hydrated; glowingly clear and amazingly smooth. A definite buy!
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