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John Frieda® Full Repair® Strengthen & Restore Shampoo (R95.00)

John Frieda® Full Repair® Strengthen & Restore Conditioner (R95.00)

John Frieda® Full Repair® Repairing Oil Elixir (R110.00)

John Frieda® Full Repair® Deep Conditioner (R99.00)

John Frieda® Full Repair® Protecting Root Lift Foam (R110.00)

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John Frieda® Full Repair® Strengthen & Restore Shampoo (R95.00)

star 4.8

John Frieda® Full Repair® Strengthen & Restore Conditioner (R95.00)

star 4.8

John Frieda® Full Repair® Repairing Oil Elixir (R110.00)

star 4.7

John Frieda® Full Repair® Deep Conditioner (R99.00)

star 4.3

John Frieda® Full Repair® Protecting Root Lift Foam (R110.00)

star 4.1


If you had the opportunity to never worry about dry, damaged and unmanageable hair what would you do with your extra time? Well…three lucky Beauty Bulletin Influencers got the opportunity to strengthen and nourishing their damaged hair, and kicking unhealthy hair habits for good with the John Frieda® Full Repair ®range and this is how the BB’s rated it.


Full Repair® Strengthen & Restore Shampoo:

“Being blonde is hard, not only on your hair but also on your budget! This shampoo is gentle to the scalp whilst enriching dry and damaged hair to restore incredible shine and health!” - Lisa Anne Kitching

“What I love most about this shampoo is that it's ability to clean my hair of product build-up is in no way tainted by its moisturizing properties when used.” - Tamlyn

Full Repair® Strengthen & Restore Conditioner:

“Like every good hair repair kit you need a great conditioner moisturize your hair. This conditioner is amazing and even just after using it my hair felt ten times better. The conditioner really moisturizes and repairs at the same time.” - Lynne Blewett

“I was pleasantly surprised by the potency of the conditioner. I have very blonde and very processed hair, unlike Gaga I wasn't born this way and it takes a few tricks to get it looking soft and shiny. It didn't leave my hair feeling weighed down or even flat, it delivered a stunning satin finish to my hair.” - Tamlyn

Full Repair® Repairing Oil Elixir:

“I love that its not oily as you would expect an oil to be. Now my fine hair soaks up any product I use and it takes some effort to apply the right amount of product to my hair without having it look greasy. I use this oil on wet hair but my preferred used is after styling, it tames my fly always, smooths out my locks and gives it an incredibly healthy shine without the greasiness.” - Quanita

“This Repairing Oil Elixir has got to be my favorite from the range. It is very thin in texture so it covers so much more of your hair. Rather than clumping in sections like traditional hair serums this one is almost water like. It is far easier to spread and evenly distribute throughout your hair! Leaving your locks feeling so shinny and silky but light weight!” - Hayleigh

Full Repair® Deep Conditioner:

“I really love a good deep conditioner as they can really make a difference when it comes to repairing your hair. This deep conditioner was super easy to use and the results are just amazing! It has an intense repairing formula with lightweight Inca Inchi Oil that penetrates deep and repairs overstyled hair.” - Lynne Blewett

“Having a deep conditioning mask that only requires a few minutes to do it's magic is perfect for the woman who has places to go and things to do. Much like the other products in the range, a little goes a long way.” - Tamlyn

Full Repair® Protecting Root Lift Foam:

“Mousse me baby! I am living for this root lift foam aka mousse, it's basically a boob-job for my hair. I find that when applied to wet roots, it gives such great life and honey, who doesn't need a little bit of a lift every now and then. My hair is pretty fine so I work it through the rest of my hair it looks like I've got thick, lush, healthy hair.” - Tamlyn

“This product is designed to give you a weightless and flexible lift at your roots that is long lasting and this foam also contains a heat protection to help prevent breakage when you style your hair.” - Lynne Blewett

Have a look at Lynne Blewett’s video.


So BB Beauties, do you think this is something to try to for the summer? Tell us in the comments below…


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