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Plantur 39 Colour Brown - Impressive!
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I’m so glad I got to review these products – I think they're great!. Here’s why:

Packaging is standard, nothing new or fancy, although the conditioner bottle leaked onto my white bedding! ? The shampoo has one of those lids where you press the top open, and the conditioner is in a big brown tube.

The first thing I noticed was the colour of the shampoo – a rich and vibrant, very appealing kind of brown which is strange in a shampoo, but makes sense as it is meant to enhance your hair colour.
The conditioner is a darker, runnier brown.
The problem with this though is that it can leave your fingernails a bit muddy looking after, but it clears away quick enough.
The shampoo foams up more than any other shampoo I’ve used, so a little goes a LONG way! I learnt this lesson after my first wash. The conditioner is a bit runnier and you have to be a bit more generous with it.
They smell really good and left my hair smelling really great, with quite a few people commenting on how much they loved the smell! My husband loved it so much, he started using it too!

Okay so here’s the exciting bit!
My hair is quite average as I’ve been losing quite a bit of it due to PCOS, it's been kind of a dull brown and hasn’t been coloured or treated in a while.
This shampoo and conditioner really made my hair much more vibrant, shinier and healthier than it has been in a long time! My hair still falls quite a bit, but I daresay I’ve even noticed an improvement in the amount of hair lost!
I have natural highlights that I love, and these products seem to have covered them and made them kind of blend in with the rest of my hair. Whilst at first I was kind of disappointed by that, I no longer mind now that I see what a difference it’s made to the condition of my hair and colour overall.
I’ve noticed that it’s more manageable to blow dry as well, and looks especially good ironed.

Overall impression:
Probably the best shampoo and conditioner I’ve tried in a long time! I’m really happy with the results, and will be buying more when my budget allows it.
The results were great from about the third wash onward for m, and just got better.

The conditioner is quite runny, way too small and gets finished much faster, and as it is more expensive I might alternate with another conditioner and see how that goes.
The products also need to be left in the hair for about 5 minutes each, which can be inconvenient at times.

I’ve attached pictures that I hope show the difference. I’m really starting to love my hair again.

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