Nioxin System Product Review Club

Normal to thin looking range
System 1- Fine hair
System 3- Fine hair
System 5- Medium to coarse hair

Noticeably thinning range
System 2- Fine hair
System 4- Fine hair
System 6- Medium to coarse hair

Overall star rating:
nioxin review club beauty bulletin

21 women were sent the various Nioxin hair systems to test and review.

Beauty Bulletin says:
No matter what your hair type or condition, Nioxin, the original thinning hair expert, offers answers for your thinning hair by striving to reach even more men and women by bringing powerful, innovative products designed to address thinning hair to new markets.

The kit comes with a shampoo, conditioner and treatment. These needed to be used together to achieve the best results.

With every wash women noticed the dramatic change in their hair, more manageable, less dry and hair was a lot softer. Women also noticed that their hair fell out less.

All reviewers agreed that even though it is a very costly product, it is worth every penny spent, and that you will not be sorry.

You say:
“I took a photo of the hair loss from the first wash and then again a few weeks later and was shocked that I can’t make wigs with the amount of hair lost anymore.” Read more

“The tingle of menthol is superb and I don't usually use scalp treatments because of my sensitive scalp,but this one is very gentle even combined with hairfood.” Read more

“This was definitely by far the best product review I have ever been fortunate to be part off! My hair, confidence and self-esteem are back with a bang, just in time for some gorgeous new summer styles.” Read more

“I am so pleased with the results i got using this product.” Read more

“I must admit I was sceptical at first but the results show not only in my hair but in my pictures as well.”- Read more

Nioxin is availble at Dis-Chem stores, selected pharmacies and hair salons.

Prices for the Nioxin System product vary.

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