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GHD Bird of Paradise Collection raises hairs on my head that I never thought I had. All GHD's make you feel like you've just stepped on the cat (hair)walk and the world is your stage. A GHD is the personal hair stylist you never thought you could afford. GHD stands for much more than Good hair day. G is for gorgeous, glamorous, girly. H is for hair-raising, hot, happy and D is for Daring, dazzling, delightful and divine! Who needs diamonds as a girls best friend when you can have a GHD by your (hair) side? GHD's are there for you when you need them most. When your boyfriend breaks up with you your GHD hair do is the best revenge. Whatever your mood, however your day is going, a GHD can lift your mood from zero to HERE I GO :) Monday mornings are better because of GHD's because you can't have a Blue Monday if your hair is awesome :)
I heart GHD
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