Should You Change Your Perfume As You Age?

Your perfume is your signature and we all have our favourites, whether we wear the same fragrance every day or vary our scent with our mood or wardrobe. As we age though, our skin texture and body chemistry may change and this will often affect how our perfume smells on our skin, and may also alter our taste in fragrances.

Here is a quick look at what fragrances suit each age group:



Tweens and teens:
Fruity, floral and fresh scents  are usually winners with young girls. Teenagers often look for affordable, flirty and fresh scents that aren’t too overpowering and often have yummy notes like chocolate and cupcake in the mix.

Vera Wang Princess is a nice choice for a teenage girl. It is an oriental floral with top notes of water lily, apple, orange and apricots, the heart has a touch of dark chocolate and pink frosting and base notes of vanilla, amber and wood.

Vera Wang PrincessFantasy by Britney Spears comes in such a gorgeous bottle, it would be a perfect choice for a teenage girly girl. The pink bottle encrusted with Swarovski crystals holds a fruity floral gourmand scent. The notes are red lychee, kiwi, cupcake, jasmine, white chocolate and musk.

When you are twenty-something
Twenty-somethings are still looking for fun and flirty scents, but now also look for that element of sophistication and sexiness as well. Celebrity fragrances are often a fun way of expressing yourself through perfume. Twenty-somethings are also more likely to chop and change their fragrances with their mood and wardrobe.

Try S-J Parker’s Lovely for a soft scent with just a hint of sexy! It contains beautiful notes of mandarin, rosewood, lavender, apple martini and bergamot.

nd 993

A firm favourite amongst the younger set is Light Blue by Dolce & Gabanna which is a lovely fresh scent. It has floral and citrus notes at the top and base notes of cedarwood, amber and musk.

Anything by Calvin Klein!

When you reach your thirties:
By thirty a woman has started to make her mark on the world and will often choose a scent that embodies her sense of personal style. You may find that you go for a more sexy, sophisticated scent than what you used when you were in your carefree twenties.

Try Elizabeth Arden’s Beauty which is a floral green fragrance with top notes of iris, bergamot and rice flower, heart notes of orchid, ginger and lotus and base notes of sandalwood , amber and musk.

EA beautyCalvin Klein’s Obsession is also a fabulous choice for a woman in her thirties. This oriental spicy fragrance contains top notes of green and citrus with base notes of amber, musk, vanilla and vetiver.

In your forties:
I love being in my forties! My fragrance is whatever I choose to wear. It is more about the scents that I love rather than thinking about what scents will appeal to others. What I have also discovered is that fragrances that were a bit too over-powering when I was in my twenties and early thirties suddenly smell nice on me now.

The iconic Chanel No 5 is my top pick for a woman in her forties. Of course it can be worn by a woman of any age, but I found that it was a bit too over-powering when I was younger. Now that I am 42, I find I can easily wear this powdery musky scent, which to me is the epitome of sexy and sophisticated. 

ChanelI also love Estee Lauder’s Beautiful, which is a lovely romantic floral with citrusy top notes and base notes of sandalwood and vetiver.

In your fifties:
When you reach your fifties, fragrance is all about wearing what makes you feel fabulous. Make sure your scent works with your body’s changing chemistry and hormones. You might find that the scent you wore when you were younger is no longer having the same effect. If that is the case, then it is time to change it up!

Try the dazzling and seductive Lady Million by Paco Rabanne which has white floral, honey and patchouli accords.

lady Million
Chanel No 5 is also my top pick for a lady in her fifties.

Of course there is no hard and fast rule about what fragrance you should wear and at what age. These are merely some suggestions and there are some twenty-somethings who adore Lady Million or Chanel No 5 and some fifty year olds that love Light Blue.

Which fragrance do you love?

Article by: Maryanne Young

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