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koitheng Hi Ladies , excited to join the side but I have no clue what's the next step after signing, anyone care to assist?
Christien1984 Can’t wait to get started ?
Leeslayrr New to the group !! ??
Kaylynneadams Finally joined. Excited much!!
koitheng Feeling extremely excited to join the beauty bulletin
Miss Jackson Miss Jackson is in the building
NikiPillay hey guys how do I become a reviewer?
PhindileS Hey guys, can’t wait to get started! Super excited
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Kaylah Erin Just signed up and I'm so excited!❤
17_pearls Signed up literally like 10 minutes ago ?? super excited about this journey
just_naasira I’m so happy I signed up for this ☺️,and excited to be part of the beauty bulletin group! Xx
Marcelle12 Hi gorgeous ladies ? im so excited to join the beauty bulletin
Lindilash Super excited to finally join Beauty Bulletin ❤
VanaardeA Finally joined , super excited to to review
Okc_zwane Hi, I just joined and I’m super excited to start this journey with BB
ChanelleS Officially joined Beauty Bulletin ? super excited to participate ??
Lannie ? Lovvve these products??
Samkee Hi there, i just joined and i'm super exited start this journey with you guys.
Biancaduister Just joined. Super excited can't wait to start my journey with BB
pass_01 hi ? . i just joined ? ! how do i get selected to do reviews? please help me ? .
Mandy_ Okay why did my purple hearts turn into question marks
Please dont mind that
Mandy_ Hey loves ??? just posted a few of the natural hair products I use on my page, feel free to check it out and ask questions.
terrijade How does one get selected from here on out?
Mainkie_D Hi queens check my page I have a review on lip care mwah
siihle_twiin So excited and interested I am❤️❤️?
Shaaki Hi beauties I joined Beuaty Bulletin a few months ago but have not really been active so I'm basically a newbie ?. But I'm so excited to be part of the BB group and interact with everyone ❤?.
Melbee123 Just joined and so eager to get started!!!
Melbee123 Just joined and so eager to start♥️?
Foxyraw Hello there beautifuls, I'm a new member here but please feel free to subscribe to my Youtube Channel- WithFoxyB. see you soon;)
The T Word Hi. I just joined. How do I get selected to start reviews
Chantelle.N So excited for future projects !
Andrea1234 Just joined! Super excited to start
ronece.xo Looking forward to starting this new journey with bulletin?❤️
RumiB im super excited to join the family and I can’t wait to get projects. How do I get selected. My absolute fav places to keep trying new products would def be my hair, lips, and skin. I love taking care of my hair and keeping my lips soft and hydrated becomes tough as well as with skin
RumiB hi there I’m new to this, how can I start joining projects with beauty bulletin to review all these amazing products.
RumiB Hi there
terrijade So happy that I could finally Join ❤️
Vulry Im new here and so excited to join the family. I have a question, how do i get selected to do product reviews?
Mainkie_D Im a newbeeee I am so excited to show you guys my reviews on all beauty products I try out I cant wait to learn from everybody else to mwah
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Hello everyone, I have a problem, I braided my hair, now I'm coming out blisters all over my head. Any suggestions

a must have conditioner
what i love about this product is that it works two in one for me. i can use it as a moisturiser and conditioner at the same time. it keeps my hair...

sweetness287 added Clicks Afri True Naturals Range to favorites 3 months ago

Clicks Afri True Naturals is a range of trusted, great value hair care products formulated for natural hair. These products have been formulated...

best concealer
what i love mostly about this product is that, it helps smooth out skin texture. it also help me with dark circles around my eyes. i apply it in a...

this rich water - in - oil emulsion has caring ingredients which leave even the driest skin noticeably smoother. it provides long lasting moisture...

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Hello beautiful ladies. I'm glad to be part of the group. can't wait to start receiving products for reviews. do have a lovely day

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am I the only one on this website that pretends like doing a face mask
is a way of getting their life together ? ??

sweetness287 Hello dear. I'm not really into face mask 3 months ago
sweetness287 I'm more into natural hair and makeup 3 months ago
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Hello everyone, I'm so excited to be part of the group

I would like to ask for advice on how to grow length of my natural hair. I cut my hair in...
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