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Panasonic Epilator ES-EU20
Hair Removal
November 19, 2015    
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Newbie Epilator User

I regularly wax and shave and have been doing so for years, so I was pretty excited to try epilation since it was brand new for me. Because I'm a newbie, I did my 'research' by asking a friend who epilates and also watching some videos to prepare for my first session. For fellow newbies, an epilator has multiple tweezers that grip your hair and removes them by the root. So it leaves your skin smoother for longer with your hair re-growth being finer.

A nice thing about this product is that you can use it wet or dry. I know I’d appreciate using it in a rush – just when I’ve already started getting ready and then noticing I need a bit of a clean up! So that’s a plus. I tried it dry the first time, then I used it wet. I put a little bit of shower gel onto it and it lathered nicely onto my skin which made it easier to move up my legs so I definitely preferred it wet. I have to say it is quite painful, but I’ve been assured by a friend who regularly epilates that’s because it was my first time, and it will get easier. I’m seeing it like threading my brows – I’m so used to it now.

For a first timer, it was really easy to use. All you have to do is angle it at 90 degrees to your skin and roll it against the hair growth. I gently exfoliated my legs before with my exfoliating gloves as I’m prone to ingrown hairs. I then used some Aloe Vera gel afterwards to soothe my skin and so far, no bumps! I did have to go over certain areas a couple of times to make sure I got all of the hairs. But by the second time going over an area, the pain was much less. I would’ve liked for it to have another setting, just to be able to do more sensitive areas like my underarms but for the legs, I think it worked well. It comes with a handy little brush to really get in there when cleaning it afterwards.

I’m looking forward to showing off my legs this summer for longer :)

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Review: Panasonic ES-EU20 Epilator
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