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Comfitex Sanitary Protection Solution
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September 27, 2017    
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Comfitex Sanitary Protection Solution

I have a new review for the ladies and its a real touchy subject so I think you would want to hear this. I was sent a Comfitex Sanitary Solution Pack and my mom and sister received one two. We tested out the products given to us for aproximately one month because our cycles or all at different times - so we finally were able to put our full review together.

Each pack contained:

1 x Comfitex Pads pack (R16.99-R19.99)
1 x Comfitex Pantyliners (R15.99)
1 x Comfitex Feminine Wipes (R19.99)
1 x Comfitex Disposable Sanitary Bags (R12.99)

Here is what we had to say about the comfitex products

I started my period while I was away for one weekend and I panicked because I didn't pack in my tampons (something I usually wear instead of pads) but I remebered I had packed in my Comfitex Sanitary Solution Pack - (trust me this was the solution). The pads worked well as they were very absorbant and had a cotton finish which is much more sanitary than other finishes. Because my flow was so heavy I had to stop off at the nearest shop to get some tampons and used these along with the Comfitex pantyliners. I liked that the liners were relatively sticky compared to other brands and the ones I used were unscented because I have sensitive skin. The wipes were very impressive because as I have mentioned before, I have very sensitive skin and the wipes are gently scented and yet they didn't give me any bad reactions and it helped me feel a little cleaner after each change. The disposable bags were a life-saver because sometimes when I'm not home and need to do a quick santitary towel change I would wrap it up in toilet paper and not know where to throw the damn thing. So I would walk out of the bathroom feeling embarassed with the rolled up pad in hand and shyly make my way to the nearest bin (cringe). Thankfully with these little bags, I can just throw in all my bits and bobs without anyone knowing what it is and now I don't need to worry about who's watching me dispose of my "lady things". So for the record, I will definately be repurchasing these products because why should a girl need to spend so much money on products that might work when you can grab a whole Comfitex Sanitary Solutions Pack for under R70.

I used the pantyliners the most because when I got the Comfitex pack I was basically done with my period. The pantyliners - because its slim it doesn't feel like you are wearing one and it does the job. The wipes makes me feel more hygenic. I like that it helps me feel fresh so I don't have to worry about any bad odours at the end of the day. The disposable bags were my favourite, because you know how sometimes when you throw your pad in the bin people can see it, with this you can throw everything in the packet and nobody will really know. I think its cool that Comfitex basically offers a "starter pack" which caters to a woman's needs - so instead of buying different things from different brands - you can get it all from Comfitex.


This was my first time trying out the brand and I found it was quite impressive because firstly, it is value for money, secondly, its nice and compact so it fits into your bag quite easily, and lastly, competing brands don't offer all the products that Comfitex does i.e. the disposable bags and the travel size pantyliners. I loved how the wipes were gentle and kept me feeling fresh all day. I would repurchase these products for sure especially because I am a single mom and having three daughters can be costly - so thank you Comfitex for giving me an affordable sanitary option for me and my girls.

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