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SHIELD MotionSense™ Fresh Confidence Anti-perspirant Aerosol
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March 16, 2016    
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The sweaty-active life

During the day I don’t stop moving. My coaching job at school requires continuous active involvement with kids and teens, and those we all know have unlimited amounts of energy. Afternoons I spend either at the gym or playing outside with my girls. Don’t think that I stop during the weekend. Not a chance. Weekends are spent mostly at the gym or running track with my family. My active lifestyle causes that I need very good anti-perspirant protection that keep me fresh and focused throughout the day. When Shield, South Africa’s number one selling deodorant and antiperspirant brand, has launched Shield MotionSense™ range, made with unique microcapsules that are activated by movement, giving you bursts of freshness as you move, I couldn’t not to try.
The more you move, the better it works? Let’s see about that!
Check my video to see how I took the NEW Shield MotionSense™ for a training session with me. Is Shield MotionSense™ really designed to work as hard as I do?
I have used both roll-on and spray anti-perspirant for two weeks but have to be honest that after the first day I was already impressed. It is definitely long-lasting protection that bursts with fragrance as you move. I love using the roll-on after my evening bath or shower. Also I like to apply it first in the morning and keep the spray with me during the day if I need touch ups.
Shield has definitely kept their promise and I cannot imagine a better sweat protection for an active person, both male and female, whether you’re scaling a mountain, running, lifting at the gym, presenting to your boss or going on a date.
I will definitely stay loyal to my Shield MotionSense™.

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Shield MotionSense and Monika Human
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