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SHIELD MotionSense™ Fresh Confidence Anti-perspirant Aerosol
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March 16, 2016    
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Confidently Fresh !

Well I must say this was something interesting to review.Who new I'd be posting pictures of my underarms on the internet, but this product is well worth it!Antiperspirants are one of the products most of us have been using longest... before makeup.So we are well acquainted ...

When I received the Shield Motion Sense Aerosol Antiperspirant I was so excited! Lucky for me, the product landed on my doorstep early morning so I used it right away. I braced myself for that icy spray feeling like I normally do, but I was pleasantly surprised it was cool but not so icy. I noticed it sprayed on practically dry, which must be the reason. I know that's not one of the listed features (doesn't spray on icy) but definitely a plus in my books. The shield Motion sense aerosol didn't leave any residue on my skin or my clothing and I wear a lot of dark colours. This is a plus for busy women as you don't have to wait for your antiperspirant to dry before putting your top on.

Sheild motion sense kept me dry and fresh through out my busy day ,workout and even after. It has a soft fresh scent and is definitely motion activated as you get a slightly stronger scent during those extra active moments. I felt confident carrying on my eveings after my workout knowing i was still fresh and dry. I have sensitive skin under my arms and it was gentle on my skin.

It definitely lives up to its name Shiled motion Sense. Although i did not try out the 48hr claim i am confident if you had to push through that extra shift it would hold up. i will be buying it in future.

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