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Moisturizers,Day Creams, Night Creams September 25, 2015 246
NIVEA Perfect & Radiant Facial Day Cream SPF 15
Overall rating
With 9 out of 10 women saying they would switch from their normal moisturiser to this one, I thought why not give this a try, especially since it promised to leave the skin more radiant and more even. First time use was not that pleasant for me as I felt a slight burn on my face. I'm not even sure where that came from as my skin is far from sensitive. But the burn quickly subsided after a few seconds. On application, it immediately absorbed into the skin, although leaving a matte finish. Another aspect I wasn't particularly happy about was the "whitish" tint it left after application, but that was quickly covered by the pressed powder I use.

After using the Day cream for 2 weeks, I certainly did notice a slight difference on sun spots and overall condition of the skin. Skin tone was definitely more even, but I still need at least 3 more weeks to be able to say for sure that this is the one for me.

I wouldn't recommend it for someone with anything close to dry skin as it really leans more towards drying out the skin. Otherwise, it's a perfect moisturiser for Durban's humid weather.

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