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MAC Haute & Naughty Lash
Mascaras, Eyebrow Pencils
April 29, 2011    
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MAC Haute & Naughty Lash

Confession: I have never been this in love with a mascara before. Me + Haute & Naughty = forever-ever!

The stand-out feature is that you get 2 mascara wands. The wand with the pink handle is perfect for creating long, fluttery and defined lashes, while the wand with the sparkly purple handle gives a chunky, dramatic look.

I like my lashes looking thick and full whether it's day or night, so I use both wands to create my desired effect. I use the pink-handled wand to lengthen and separate my lashes, followed by the chunkier sparkly-handled wand to bulk up my lashes. If there are any clumps, I go back in with the first wand to comb them out.

I also use the first wand on my bottom lashes for a softer, wide-eyed look.

Yes, the formula is very thick, but if you're smart and make use of both wands, your lashes will be drama-packed but clump-free. Ultra-black, no flaking or smudging and amazing lasting power: What's not to love?

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Ladysoul Written by Ladysoul
September 03, 2015
I Have to agree with Tanya, she gave a great review about what this mascara does and how it works. I also like thick full and dramatic lashes day or night so I apply it the same way. What I do love the most about this mascara is the creamy and feather light formula. It keeps the lashes soft and flexible. Drama minus the damage!
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