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Avon Ultra Colour Bold Lipstick
August 27, 2014    
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Avon Lipstick Country Rose & Red 2000

Well firstly let me say - I'm not quite sure if BB reads our survey comments before sending out product - or if I said something that misguided them in their selection for Avon colours... I am almost sure I said I wear nude/ natural shades of lip GLOSS... So when I recieved 2 very bright red shades of lip STICK with a "true red" ultra glimmerstick lip liner, I was a little disappointed... To be fair this isn't Avon's fault - so I decided to try use the products in order to give a fair review... So let me separate the criteria into 1. actual product & 2. colour.
The product is a nice rich formula, your lips feel moisturised and soft, had it been a lighted natural colour I may have worn it.
The colours - WOW when my husband got home he was shocked and asked why I was messing around, was I going to a fancy dress party... The bright colour is not something I ever wear, I personally don't feel comfortable with it.
I also find that the colour stains your lips, maybe that's a good thing if you like the dark shades, but for me I couldn't wipe it off...
It also isn't colour stay - if you are going to wear such bright dark colours I think a colour stay formula would be better to avoid rubbing off & staining things.
Sorry Avon, this isn't for me... But If anyone loves a very bright red, I recommend these 2 colours for them...

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