Yardley Expert Eyes Gel Eyeliner : Jet Black

Yardley Expert Eyes Gel Eyeliner : Jet Black Hot

June 06, 2013  
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Yardley Expert Eyes Gel Eyeliner : Jet Black

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Yardley Expert Eyes Gel Eyeliner - Limited Edition Gel Eyeliner. All you need for a perfect defined eye!
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Expert Eyes Gel Eyeliner - Jet Black

Yardley has officially joined the Gel Eyeliner group with their amazing "Expert Eyes Gel Eyeliner". This amazing eyeliner comes in a frosted glass pot, while the glass pot screams class and beauty... the amazing eyeliner shouts perfected top line!

There are many things about this gel eyeliner which I really love. The first would be that the eyeliner is available in four trendy and amazing eye catching shades which I love, the shades are :
Jet Black - a deep black
Forest Fantasy - emerald green
Copper Gleam - mesmerizing copper
Magenta Kiss - Royal Purple

I purchased my eyeliner in Jet Black because I really love a classic look. The gel eyeliner is also absolutely soft and has deep pigments which are very long lasting and don't fade. I can't really say the Gel Eyeliner is smudge proof, however it doesn't get as messy as other eyeliners I've come across. I also love how this eyeliner effortlessly melts when comes into contact with eye make up remover, so no more panda eyes for us beautiful ladies!

This Gel Eyeliner also comes with it's perfectly crafted curved eyeliner brush which helps the user create the perfect line without any fuss or mess. This gel eyeliner is simply amazing, but unfortunately is limited edition, so get your hands on this amazing Expert Eyes Gel Eyeliner for R69,99. It's the perfect step in achieving sexy, glamourous cat eye's without the fuss and mess!

PRO's and CON's

The eyeliner has a rich creamy texture
The eyeliner has deep pigments
The eyeliner is available in four shades
The eyeliner is easy to use
The eyeliner doesn't smudge
The eyeliner doesn't fade
The eyeliner is easy to use
The eyeliner comes with it's own brush
The brush is crafted to create perfect top lash line
The bristles are strong and sturdy
The brush looks stylish and is made to be a good quality brush

The eyeliner isn't waterproof
The eyeliner isn't smudge proof
The eyeliner is limited edition

The price of the product can be debated whether it is a PRO or CON, to me I find the eyeliner to be quite affordable at R70, however others might find the eyeliner to be quite costly.

1. Soften Expert Eyes Gel Eyeliner with the tip of the brush.
2. Point the Yardley Professional brush tip at your top lash line.
3. Glide the Yardley Expert Eyes Gel Eyeliner in small strokes across the lash line from the inner to outer corner.
4. For a more dramatic look, thicken the line from the outer corner and flick the brush at the outer corner of your eye towards the tip of your eyebrow, to create the perfect cat eye look.

Cleaning the Brush
It's important to clean the brush regularly with the Yardley Clear Away Eye Make up Remover. Coat brush bristles in Eye Make up remover and gently work the Eye Make up remover into the brush, avoiding the base of the brush. Wipe the brush back and forth on a paper towel to remove excess Gel Eyeliner and Make up remover.

I would recommend you purchase the product because it can help you achieve professional top lash line within seconds, I would also recommend you purchase the gel eyeliner because I felt the quality of the eyeliner was really amazing, plus it's a Yardley brand which is well known and trusted.

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