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Review on Garnier Nutrisse Ultra Color in Intense Red Copper 7.64...

Review on Garnier Nutrisse Ultra Color in Intense Red Copper 7.64... Hot

March 22, 2013  
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Review on Garnier Nutrisse Ultra Color in Intense Red Copper 7.64...

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Garnier Nutrisse delivers richer, more radiant, long-lasting color with 100% gray coverage.
Garnier Nutrisse is the only permanent haircolor creme that nourishes with grape seed and avocado oil with 3 added oils, Blackcurrant, Olive and Avocado.
The nourishing color creme enriched with fruit oil concentrate, penetrates deep into hair fibers to nourish and condition your hair so it takes color better and holds it longer, root-to-tip.
Garnier Nutrisse delivers rich, long-lasting color with 100% gray coverage.

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5.0  (4)
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i love to have red hair but with my very dark hair i cant seem to find the right product to give mem the red i want, its still dark with a red shine in the sun, what i want is for my hair to look and be red.

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Wow! Wow and wow!!!!!!!

I have always been a fan of Garnier Nutrisse after searching high and low for a quality hair colour product that will not cost me a kidney.

I also did not want to look like Medusa or the witch from Endor afterwards, with hair dry as wheat and in such a state that it scares the neighbourhood kids.

In this product I have found cost-effectiveness, ease of use, nourishing and hair that smells like a fruity bouquet that even hubby likes. It leaves my hair soft as silk and the whole house does not smell like an explosion in an ammoniac factory for days after.

The colour I chose was quite extreme and different to the boring colour I had (as you can see on the pics). What a colour explosion!

My husband is quite please and thinks his wife looks like a new model :-).

Needless to say the colour brings out my green eyes and make heads turn. You decide why...:-).

One piece of advise I can give Garnier is to please consider the ladies with longer, thicker hair as one container is not enough to cover all of it. Please, please, please consider a special supersized option on each colour that has about 50% more colour for us ladies with this dilemma!

My special appreciation to Kelly, who sent me another box of hair colour after mine got squashed and damamged in the post! Your kindness is greatly appreciated! I promised you a review even though my parcel was not received in time for the deadline, but rather late than never!

BeautyBulletin and Garnier you guys ROCK!

Thank you for giving me the opportunity to review this product and be part of ther magic!

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Being a natural redhead, this products really brings out your bright red colour.
Not a harsh product, perfect for home colouring.


Owner's reply

I know, right? That's what I love about this product. It's effective yet gentle compared to other dye brands out there... My conditioner is still going strong also! So happy for that.
Btw, your hair looks amazing ^_^

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Before and after pictures.
Contents of the box.

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Hi everyone...

I am happy to announce that I am a red head (with brown roots lol).

I was so grateful to be chosen to do a review on Garnier Nutrisse Ultra Color.
Since Garnier is running the "WHY GO UNNOTICED?" campaign, I decided to stick up to their tagline by dyeing my hair a colour that a) I have never tried before and b) that will bring LOTS of attention to me.

I chose Intense Red Copper 7.64. I have dyed my hair several times before, but sticking to the caramel blonde, black and light brown. I have never dyed my hair an outstanding colour before. So I chose to be bold and noticeable, hence the colour.

I was very nervous at first because I did not know what to expect from this product and how my hair would turn out.

Garnier Nutrisse Ultra Colour hair is a permanent, nourishing hair dye that leaves your hair looking ultra vivid, silky, shiny and it's long lasting, which is amazing!

The product's conditioner has Shea Butter with 3 new added oils (Avocado, Olive and Blackcurrant) that helps reduce dryness for up to 8 weeks! It leaves your hair feeling and looking silky and shiny.

The box gives the customer so much information about the product before even reading the leaflet, I think this is awesome because the customer would know what to expect before buying the product.

The colour chart (on the left side of the box) gives the customer knowledge on how the product will take on her/his hair. The colour chart ranges from dark brown to black hair, light brown to brown hair and blonde to dark blonde hair.

Contents of box:
- 1 Applicator bottle of Developer Creme - 60ml
- 1 Nourishing Colour Creme - 40ml
- 1 Bottle of colour nourishing conditioner - 40ml
- Gloves
- Instruction Leaflet

Each product is labelled with a letter indicating when it should be used.
A = Developer Creme
B = Nourishing hair colour
C = Colour nourishing conditioner

You will need other tools besides the dyeing kit to make your hair dyeing experience a fruitful one.

You will need:
- Old clothing
- An old towel
- Shower cap
- Newspaper
- Vaseline
- Hair ties/Clips (No metal clips. The chemicals might react in a bad way with the metal)
- Comb/Brush
- A timer (I used my mother’s oven so that everyone can remind me that its time lol)
- A mirror
- Another set of hands if you're a first timer and a bit nervous. Some moral support is always amazing.

Garnier was very innovative when designing the box of this hair dye because there is a circle at the back of the box that you can pop out and then it makes an awesome little home to put your Developer Creme (A) in to help you mix your colour.
I thought this was such an amazing idea because I am the most clumsiest person alive...

I don't really have a dyeing process regards to how I dye my hair but I do have a pre-dyeing process before the dyeing process.

I usually wait until my hair is kind of dirty because once I dyed freshly washed hair and my scalp burnt a bit. I feel like the dirt kind of protects my scalp.
That's just me though.

1. Layer the area where you are dyeing your hair with newspaper because the chemicals can spoil tiles, carpets, etc.
2. Make sure you have old clothes on. The hair dye can drip down on your awesome jeans/skirt/shoes and then its ruined :( meh.
3. Keep all the tools you are going to be using at arm’s reach.

Be fully prepared before mixing the formula

4. Push out the circle at the back of the hair colour box and unscrew the cap of your Developer Creme (A) and place the bottle in the hole.
5. Put on the gloves and then open the Nourishing Color Creme (B) and pierced the tube with the cap. The cap has a sharp pointy point that pierces through the protective seal.
6. Squeeze all of the contents of the Nourishing Color Creme (B) into the Developer Creme bottle (A). Rescrew the cap once all the contents has been squeezed into the Developer Creme bottle (A).
7. Shake the Developer Creme bottle (A) for 30 seconds. I shook mine until the colour was a darkish kind of red.
8. Snap off the tip of the Developer Creme bottle (A).
9. Apply vaseline around your hair line and on your ears.
I got some on my ears that wasn't covered in vaseline and it didn't stain but apply some on your ears, just in case, you know.

I start with the bottom and work my way up.
Once that is done, I use the left over dye for the top of my hair and massage it to the bottom.
Again, I don't really have a certain way of dyeing my hair. I usually just wing it.

Leave the hair dye on your head for 35 minutes. I left mine on for 35 minutes but everyone’s hair is different so check the instruction leaflet to find out what’s suitable for you.

Once you are done with the dyeing process, tie up your hair with a clip/hair tie, set the timer and rock a shower cap for the ±35 minutes.

Don't forget to use the colour nourishing conditioner once you are done shampooing (ShamPOOING…LOL) your hair.
Use a colour protecting shampoo to make your hair look amazing and vibrant.

Style as normal.

- The box doesn't lie. The colour chart is quite accurate.
- The hair dye smells amazing.
- The hair dye is affordable.
- Available almost at every store.
- The mixing process is easy, as well as the dyeing process.
- Conditioner leaves your hair smooth, silky and soft.
- The cut out in the box makes life easier.
- Garnier Nutrisse Ultra Color comes in 26 beautiful shades.

- It can damage your hair if you don't take the proper steps to protect your hair.
- DIY hair dyes can usually get a bit messy.
- Once your hair starts growing then your roots will start showing.
- It might not come out how you wanted it to be (E.g. Unevenly dyed hair, spots)

Overall, I would highly recommend this product to anyone.
The application is simple, the colour is vibrant and looks amazing, its affordable and I would buy this product again!
It really did an amazing job on my hair.
It wasn't what I expected, it was better!

Thank you to Beauty Bulletin and Garnier for giving me the opportunity to review this product.
I really had a fun time doing this.


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Before and After photos are attached so you can see what a gorgeous delightful red that I'm really happy with.

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I like the product because it aint like the other dye that dryer your hair out.

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Vola la, a glowing shimmering redhead. I am really thrilled with the colour. When in the sun or under lights my hair is vibrant and shiny. I feel like a radiant woman ready to take on the world. With this effervescent hair colour I certainly will NOT GO UNNOTICED.

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I am on the search for the ultimate red hair dye! I have battled to find a red hair dye that not only takes well to my hair, but does what it promises on the box. The Ultra Color did what it promises on the box, gives you a vibrant, intense colour, even when you have a darker colour hair to start with.

When I bought the dye I battled to chose between the Intense Red Copper and the Fiery Red, in the end going for the lighter of the two, which I was very glad I did, because for the first week after I dyed my hair I was more of a cherry colour, but after another week the colour settled into a gorgeous Copper colour. Question is, will it fade more, or has it settled for good? Time will tell!

Its easy to apply and gave great results! I will definitely use it again.

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