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Schwarzkopf Palette Deluxe Smooth Red Violet 5-889
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April 24, 2019    
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Schwarzkopf vibrant smooth red

I was born a brunette and that has always been my go to colour for suing my hair. I am a little sceptic about dyeing my hair other colours.

Red is such a vibrant colour that's why I opted for the voilet red, cause I knew it wouldn't be such a popping colour on my brown hair. I've always used one other brand on my hair, it was the only brand that gave my hair such a deep nourishing colour. But the Schwarzkopf deluxe colour palete is amazing on any shade of hair. I have been getting such amazing compliments on the colour of my hair, I dont think I'll be using any other dye soon. The colour it gives your hair is amazing.

First Impressions
The packaging is good its like most other dyes. Like most dyes they have plastic gloves that you have to use that's one size, I have really small hands so I basically had to use latex gloves.

Dying my hair
From the beginning to the end the due feels so good and nourishing. The paste is the correct texture to cover your whole head but if you do have long and thick hair like me, you'll need to but 2 packs but trust me you won't regret it. The colour is so radiant and you can see your colour change when you are applying it. The nourishing mask that comes with the dye smells so amazing but if you have oily hair you should keep your hair length in mind and apply according to your length. I have washed my hair twice and the colour is still the same, I am really happy about that and it still feels soft and nourishing.

I still need to adjust to the new colour but I am really satisfied with the end result. My hair looks and feels healthy, and it's really shiny. I have received such amazing comments from friends and family

If you have long and thick hair but 2 packages.
Definitely use dark clothing when dying your hair, colour is really vibrant.
Start with your ends rather than your roots, your end takes longer to colour than the roots.
Do not tie your hair in a bun, the colour won't spread evenly

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