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Schwarzkopf Palette Deluxe Chocolate Brown 3-65
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April 24, 2019    
(Updated: May 14, 2019)
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Color hits home with Schwarzkopf

My first attempt at DIY box color dye, must say my nerves were shot at the thought but I was challenged to give it a try and I must admit, the results were absolutely amazing!

In the past 10 years my hair has always been light brown or blonde or a combination of the 2. I chose to challenge myself to dye my hair something closer to my natural shade., with uncertainty of whether I'll be able to handle the drastic change, so I opted for the Chocolate Brown 3-65 shade.

Results : At first I was shocked, I wasn't ready for the dark look just yet, but I was amazed, my hair has a monochrome cocoa brown, my blonde highlights have been transformed to a caramel brown. I love the low light and highlight look in my hair at the moment. I applied the treatment conditioner, my hair felt silky smooth and instantly healthy once it was washed, normally after a salon treatment, you need to give your hair extra TLC so it doesn't frizz up.

Scent : Subtle scent in comparison to salon dye
Packaging : Pretty easy and simple, but the application bottle does leave for wastage.
Formula : Enriched with 7 oils
The Schwarzkopf Deluxe Oil Care Colour palette has out shined, in my books, my doubt of at home dye has been erased. I will definitely be using this product again.

Thank you for the opportunity Beauty Bulletin & Schwarzkopf SA

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