The Pantene Looks Gallery has some of the most trending updos which are perfect for a sophisticated night out and about. Today we were inspired by The Swirl and Pantene is here to show you what they used to achieve this look.

What You’ll Need:
Medium-sized skeleton brush
large Velcro rollers (8-10)
flat brush
rubber band
small closed bobby pins (3)

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We decided to take our hair for a spin around by trying out our very own Slick Bun.

Watch our video Now: How to get the Slickest Bun
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Step by step instructions on how to get the Slickest Bun:Slick-bun

1.Comb your hair through, making sure there are no knots

2.Use hairspray in the front of your hair and slick it all back, making sure there are no flyaway hairs.

3. Pull all your hair back and tie it into a tight ponytail

4. Divide the ponytail into two sections and separate them using a clip so you can work easily with each section without them interfering with one another

5. Take the first section and tease to create volume

6.Take this first section and wrap it around the other section of the ponytail by clipping it in

7.Now take the left over loose section of the ponytail and tease for extra volume

8. Wrap it around the other section and secure it in using clips

9.Use hairspray to finish off this slick bun.

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