Four Natural Moisturisers To Dip Into This Winter

For the ladies with skin disorders or for those of us that prefer to know exactly what we are putting onto our bodies, there are a lot of natural moisturisers out there to experiment and fall in love with this winter.

Coconut Oil
This popular natural oil can not only be used by the whole family to moisturise from head to toe, but it smells yummy too. If you use it on your little ones, please warn them about the Cookie Monster because this oil does not just smell good enough to eat, but it actually is. At the beginning of autumn, I bought a litre of Lifestyle Food organic cold-pressed virgin coconut oil from Dischem, and I‘ve been hooked ever since.

I love how it easily melts and gets absorbed by the skin.

Olive Oiloils
The olive oil, as with the coconut oil, has to be good enough to eat. The ideal purchase is organic extra virgin cold pressed olive oil. This guarantees that the oil hasn’t had the goodness refined out of it and that its nutritional value is still intact to benefit you best, whether on a salad dressing or as a moisturiser.

Castor Oil
It is a not so pleasant smelling or tasting oil and is a childhood nemesis to a lot of people, but this oil has amazing underappreciated qualities to soothe eczema, dry irritated eyes and to encourage growth of sparse eyelashes, overplucked eyebrows and stressed out hairlines.

Shea Butter
Is one exceptional African beauty original that is a great skin healer from cuts to rashes, minimising the look of stretch marks, fighting aging and dry skin symptoms, while keeping the skin supple. It’s a wonderful moisturiser for hair and skin. Buy it raw or unrefined to get the most out of it.

All these products can be combined together or with essential oils to create custom-made hair and body beauty products at home. They also can be bought from many neighbourhood and online stockists of health foods in small or large containers. This makes it easy to do a price comparison and to try out the products.

Try something different this winter, eliminate bathroom clutter and opt for natural multipurpose wholesomeness.

Article by: Ncomeka Mpofu

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