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Moisturizers,Day Creams, Night Creams June 28, 2017 102
What the NCTF!
(Updated: August 01, 2017)
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If you looking for a skincare range that has a huge portfolio of active ingredients, look NO further than NCTF Reverse. Filorga says that the NCTF Reverse range contains the same revitalization formulation found in professional injectable treatments. (but can a cream can penetrate as deeply as an injectable treatment?)
Filorga's NCTF complex contains 50 active ingredients, Vitamin A,B,C,E, Amino acids and Co-enzymes etc.. These are said to penetrate the skin to the deepest layer of dermis WITHOUT the use of needles! What a WIN!!

ps my doc suggested one use a roller before applying such an active product as will probably penetrate better

There are 4 products in the NCTF Reverse Range, I used the NCTF Essence and The Crème (as I have dry skin)
The 4 products are:
1) NCTF -Essence - this is a lotion or a primer that boosts the effectiveness of the other NCTF products (light and quickly absorbed runny fluid, smells good enough to drink) - R700
2) NCTF -Serum - R1230
3) NCTF -Reverse Mat - for combination to oily skins (formula to reduce sebum secretion) - R1230
4) NCTF -Reverse Crème -nourishing moisturizer for dry skins (despite being a crème, is not thick, but light weight, quickly absorbed and non -sticky) -R1230

The range is ideal for ladies like me, hitting the wrong side of 40, as it addresses wrinkle concerns as the products include retinol to stimulate collagen and elastin. It also contains hyaluronic acid for the plumping benefits, One definitely needs a bit of plumping post 45! I have been using the range for a month now and the over riding benefit has been the boost I have seen to the radiance and clarity of my skin which is possibly due to the Vitamin C.
In Summary, if you looking for an anti-ageing regime to support you in your anti-ageing journey and you can afford these prices, I would completely give it a go! I am 1 month in with possibly another 1 month or more of product left and I am excited to see what further benefits I can harness with more time!

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