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Nimue enzyme exfoliate
Scrubs, Exfoliators, Peels
May 08, 2013    

As a person not into physical scrubs at all this is my favorite one as I am rather a die hard Nimue fan. This fruit enzyme exfoliator gently removes deadskincells without any abbrasive scrubs. Which is perfect for some one with a sensitive skin. or some on that has alot of pimples or acne as you want to remove pore clogging skincells without irretating any pimples.
The only down fall with this product is that you it does take a little bit of time and work(like all good things in life). I first despense a little bit in my hand and warm it up with some warm water then apply it to my skin following the standard directions. Leave for two minutes then massage in for 3-5 minutes constantly dipping hands in warm water. The effects off this exfoliator can be maximized if you remove the product with wet gauze as it has dissolved all the gooey bonds holding dead skincells to your skin-you just wipe it off simply.

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Ladysoul Written by Ladysoul
December 28, 2012
You will only find this product @ nimue appointed salons. The price is about R380 at first and then after a few months when you run out you can purchase a refill for R290!
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