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Clarins Hydra Quench cream SPF15
Moisturizers,Day Creams, Night Creams
May 24, 2017    
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Clarins HydraQuench cream SPF15

Its that time of the year again "Winter" and like most woman your beauty and skin needs change with the seasons of the year, or maybe you are just looking to change up your beauty routine, which is exactly what I did I felt with winter my skin becomes super dry and dehydrated a feeling which most women struggle with. And the beauty brand I went straight to was Clarins, why because their products are absolutely amazing and I love that all their products have some type of natural plant extract which has natural healing abilities from plants around the world.

When it comes to day creams I always look for a cream that has an SPF in it but you should not rely only on that SPF in your cream as its not enough for protection, in conjunction with my day creams I use a sun creme with an SPF 50 no matter the season sun protection always remains a high priority to me. My day cream pick was the HydraQuench cream SPF15 retails for R550 and is for Normal to Dry skin condions, reason being my skin was feeling dry and tight during the colder weather which always affects me in the cold seasons of the year which is Winter and can affect almost everyone at different stages in your life.The HydraQuench cream contains the plant extract of the Katafray bark from the Katafary tree, it helps reinforce the barrier effect of the outer layer of the skin which limits dehydration. As well as Rowan tree buds which help boosts skin radiance.

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