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My Elemis morning
In Salon Professional Treatments
February 17, 2014    
(Updated: July 09, 2015)
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Relaxing Saturday massage

On the 1st of February i went for my complimentary treatment from the Elemis counter at the Edgars Canal Walk. I had a choice of 5 different treatments which included:
• Instant temple and pressure point reviver
• De-stress shoulder massage
• Anti-ageing eye treatment
• Exotics arm treatment
• Body sculpting intensive arm treatment

Since it has been a hectic few weeks i decided to have the De-stress shoulder massage. I had a booking with Elfrieda, but she was off for the day, so i got Alishia. Alishia and i did a quick questionnaire before we started the treatment. She started on a hand massage with the wild lavender hand lotion, this instantly took me to a field of lavender and calmed my busy over worked mind. I have mild acne on my back from sweating alot and hormones, she advised that i should use the Tea Tree S.O.S Spray as it is a natural antiseptic and it will resolve this.
My shoulder massage was started off with the De-stress Massage oil which has a relaxing synergy of rosewood, melissa, geranium, rosemary, lavender and chamomile I could feel how my muscles were relaxing as i have alot of tension in my shoulders. I relaxing smells calmed my entire body and mind, it felt like i was having a luxury treatment at some spa somewhere exotic.

Alishia worked her way down my back, it felt simply amazing as she worked up and down. I think if it wasn't for all our talking i would have fallen asleep right there at the counter.

She went back to my shoulders started massaging with Muscle Active Body Oil with maritime pine, sea buckthorn, sea fennel and rosemary essential oil. This released att the tension that was build up in my shoulders.

She used the Instant Refreshing Gel which has extracts of arnica, birch and witch hazel with cooling camphor and menthol.

Once she was done she told me some more about the products she used. Since i have alot of tension build up and a stressfull job, Alishia adviced to to take a 30min hot bath with their Quiet mind relaxing bath elixir with patchouli, ho wood and eucalyptus to relax my mind and muscles while the Cocoa butter gets soaked up in my skin, conditioning it.

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