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Lancôme Advanced Génifique Youth Activating Concentrate
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August 17, 2015    
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Final thoughts on Lancôme's Advanced Génifique Concentrate

After the first week of using the Lancôme Concentrate I was an immediate convert. My skin felt softer, the product added notable luminosity to my skin and my imperfections seemed blurred. I was absolutely thrilled that the product was working well and so quickly!

However, the results seemed to be mixed following that first week. I do feel that the Concentrate is brilliant at tightening the skin while adding a dewy gleam, but it did very little for my fine lines or pores. The effect it had on my redness was also somewhat unpredictable, sometimes the serum would rapidly reduce redness, other times I saw no difference. It definitely added luminosity to my skin, but was slightly drying and helped very little with breakouts.

I wrote this after week 2 of using the product:
"My gut feel is that this would be an 'insurance' product for me. Something I would not use to combat any daily skin struggles I face, but an insurance policy to prevent age-related issues in the future. Not something that WOWS me on a daily basis, but something that I would thank myself for down the road."
The above sums up my exact thoughts about this product.

I do not think this is an item that I would repurchase as I feel it's just not suited to my skin or my primary skin concerns.

A big thank you to Beauty Bulletin and Lancôme for letting me trial this product. As you can see from the different perspectives regarding this product, it really is invaluable to have a site like Beauty Bulletin where you can learn so much about one product before you purchase it.

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