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Johnson Face Care Range Product Review
July 19, 2012    

I received these wipes as part of my package of products to review this month.

I found the wipes to be very effective at removing eye make-up, and even though I have very sensitive eyes I had no problems at all. A word of caution though - these wipes are VERY moist which is fine for the rest of the face, but I had to work carefully so as not to get any liquid in my eyes.

Although this product is great for those days where you just don't have the time or energy to do your proper cleansing routine, I wouldn't use this in place of my cleanser on a regular basis. My skin definitely does not feel as clean as it does after using my regular cleanser, and I think particularly for skins prone to excess oil, it's really important that your cleanser can break down excess oil on the skin in order for your moisturiser to do its job.

I'll definitely keep these as part of my routine, but only for eye make-up removal.

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