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African Extracts Rooibos Advantage Daily Repair Facial Oil
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August 08, 2017    
(Updated: August 25, 2017)
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African Extracts Daily Repair Oil || Put to the test

Thank you to for this amazing opportunity to try out this new product. This is the BRAND NEW Advantage Daily Repair Facial Oil; this twice-a-day oil treatment claims to reduce the appearance of dark spots/uneven skin tone as well as protect your skin from environmental damage. Well, I am here to put it to the test. At first glance I love the packaging, it definitely has a luxurious, high end feel to it and the oil itself feels super silky on my skin. I love the fact that this oil has so many natural ingredients and antioxidants as well as it is officially apart of Beauty Without Cruelty.


So I have officially been using the Facial Oil for 2 weeks. Over the last 2 weeks I have used the Daily Repair Oil at night time before bed and day time before getting ready. Here are my thoughts:
My skin is looking beautiful and is taking well to the product (I will upload a before and after photo). My dry, sensitive skin feels soothed and comfortable after application (which is always after washing my face when it feels most sensitive and tight) and not to mention super soft. Even though I use the facial oil twice a day, my face does not get greasy or oily at all, instead I find my skin absorbs all the product. I do prefer using this product in the night time as it takes a while to fully absorb into the skin, which could be a slight issue for anyone who is pressed for time in the morning. Taking a closer look at my skin, I still have dry patches here and there but it does not change my views on all the other positive benefits it provides my skin.
I can't wait to see how my skin will look after a month of use.

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