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Justine Tissue Oil
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June 01, 2017    
(Updated: August 03, 2017)
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I have been using Justine Tissue Oil for almost 3 weeks. I think I skipped maybe one or two days and that was when we had to rush my daughter to the hospital. In those two days, you could actually see a very big difference in my skin. I found the oil to be so incredibly nourishing, that instead of moisturiser, I'd solely use the oil after my face wash and toner.

My skin remained smooth, supple and firm throughout use and although I have very sensitive skin and prone to break outs, there was no irritation after use.

I decided to stick to using it on my face after about a week and a half of use, to focus on one area and go from there.

I won't lie though, I'd sometimes put a few drops in the bath for overall smooth skin.

I scratched my nose about 4 days ago. It was quite a big gauge and left me feeling horribly self-conscious. As soon as I treated it I slapped on some tissue oil. I'd put it on a couple of times a day as I took it to work. (The bottle is small and compact enough to do so. ) The wound healed quicker than it usually would and the mark is slowly going away. It was so moisturised that concealer did not even give it that dry crusty look as it healed.

Overall, I have noticed changes to my complexion. It is less dull and marks are lightening subtly for almost 3 weeks of use, but I will continue to monitor the changes and use this product on a regular basis. There is no going back after this trial. :)

**Trouble uploading video and images but working on it! :)**

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