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Kangmei slimming cream
Body Moisturizers
March 03, 2014    
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Kangmei burns!!

Slimming cream by Kangmei infused with chilli
Supposed to slim you down within 3 days, well if the burning i felt yesterday was the cream doing its thing i should be seeing results really soon
not for the weak at heart as it really burns like fire!!

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Nuri1 Written by Nuri1
March 03, 2014
Will you pls give us an update in about a week?! Pretty pls cos this seems interesting
krysie Written by krysie
March 10, 2014
Hey Hey.. can you please post an update on the product, is it worth trying?
ZaShandu Written by ZaShandu
March 03, 2015

It really stings i can bet on that the more you eat the more it stings!!!!
lynne1986 Written by lynne1986
March 03, 2015
hey ladies, sorry for only giving a reply now. the kangmei works better than the expensive goodies. tried chillie x as well @ R280 per jar!!!!! not worth it, hardly burns.
i used the kangmei cream along with the kangmei soap and i have been on a diet and doing exercise so it is hard to say if it is the cream or the rest of what i am doing, but i seem to be loosing. not in 3 days but over 4 weeks i can see a difference
de la Croix Written by de la Croix
March 03, 2015
Haha I'm desperate but if it burns anything like that usn cellulite stuff burnt then I'll give it a skin cause I thought I was gonna die lol
5 results - showing 1 - 5  





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