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Dettol Even Tone Hygiene Soap
Bath Soaps, Cleansers, Washes
April 21, 2016    
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Dettol Even tone hygiene soap

I have been using this soap bar for well over a week now .
My first impressions are as follows.
This soap is priced at around R12.50 from most local stores .
It's is a creamy colour with brown specks on it .
The soap lathers really well and has a nice scent. The more you use it the more prominent the speck become and they are actually there to help exfoliate the skin .
The soap is designed to help eliminate uneven skin tone which most people including myself suffer from
Considering that it has only been a week realists will not be perfect or entirely accurate but from what I have noticed the uneven pigmentation that is on my arms has lightened . My arms are very uneven due to it being in the direct rays of the sun whilst driving
It was patchy and darker in some spots than others . From using this bar the darkness is fading gradually and I honestly have noticed a difference.

I also want to note that with light minor scars from things like mosquito bites or odd pimples this soap is certainly helping to lighte them .

So that's it for now I am onto my next bar and will update as soon as I have more to tell you.

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