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Clinique Anti Blemish Solutions 3 Step
Acne and Blemish Creams
September 18, 2010    
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Clinique 3 Step Blemish Solution is a must try!!!

I have tried everything under the sun to get rid of my blemishes caused by acne.
I had given up hope thinking I just just accept my blemished fate. Until I decided to try one more thing...Clinique 3 Step Blemish Solution. My 3 Step Solution consisted of the soap bar, clarifying lotion and moisturiser.
Let me tell you something! Miracles happen and Clinique makes them happen.
I cleansed, toned and moisturised my face twice a day.
The clarifying lotion can cause the skin to get a bit dry but not too much. I also made sure I used a facial suncreen everyday too.

I used it once and never had to again. Although I'll be purchasing it again because of my blemishes caused by my pregnancy outbreak.

I give this a 10/10!!! Job well done Clinique!!!
I recommend this to all my family and friends who struggle with acne and blemishes.

Please try it NOW!!

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Sean Tatum Written by Sean Tatum
April 27, 2016
Wow your pics speak for themselves! How long did you use it for?
Barbzz Written by Barbzz
March 07, 2019
I have very troubling skin(oily, black heads, large pores, pigmentation) , I will use a certain product and for the first two weeks it would work but over a longer period my face will reject it get super itchy, dry and irritated, breakout and at that point im forced to stop and look into a new and different product. I'm so tired of having to change facial cleansers and washers every second month, I just want a reliable long term solution! Ur testimony Kema makes me wanna try the Clinique 3-step blemish solution... This might be my solution yet!
2 results - showing 1 - 2  





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