Create A #brightFuture With Unilever

Our planet is constantly being pushed and pulled in different directions as we all scramble for a means to survive. Global warming and its effects on climate change is just one of the consequences ever-increasing metropolitan cities impart on the environment.

Because of this fact, Unilever, a brand that already plays an important role in the livelihood of many (from feeding your family to keeping your home clean and fresh) have made it their personal responsibility to help build a world where everyone is able to live well and sustainably and now, you can do your part too.

Together with Wildlands, Unilever will plant a tree on your behalf when you simply use the hash tag #TweetforATree in a tweet.


Why a tree?

36 football fields of forest are destroyed every minute. Currently, deforestation contributes up to 15% of greenhouse gas emissions, and threatens 1.6 billion livelihoods. Natural disasters such as flash floods and suffering agricultural landscapes are the result of forest degradation and have horrible effects on the livelihood of billions.

Over a period of three years, Unilever has made the incredible pledge of planting one million trees in an attempt to help restore the most threatened forest areas through their partnership with Wildlands.

Local celebs the likes of Minnie Dlamini and Amada du Pont have already tweeted for a tree and now it’s your turn!

“Wow. Amazing. I’ve just planted a tree with a tweet. Tweet @ UnileverSA with #TweetForATree and #brightFutureSA to plant one too. #saving our planet.” – Minnie Dlamini

“It’s our responsibility to protect the planet we live in.” – Amanda du Pont.


Dove, Radox, Ponds, Lux, Motions and Tresemme are much-loved Unilever brands. Learn more about Unilever brightFuture here.

BB’s are you active on twitter? Be sure to do your part and take climate action now by using the hash tag #TweetForATree!

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