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Tell Us About Your Blog? Painting In Pink is a fashion and beauty blog that features my intense love for fashion, makeup and body confidence.

What Are Your Top Three Handbag Beauty Essentials? Perfume, mascara and lipstick.

Your Go-To Everyday Makeup Look? Most days I don’t wear makeup. When I do, a full coverage foundation, setting powder, bronzer, mascara and lippie. The ideal, 5 minute face.

Choose One:

   Lipstick or Lipgloss? Without a doubt, Rimmel Provocalips in Play With Fire. With 16hour staying power, rocking red lips have never been this easy.

   Heels or Flats? Flats for sure…Boots to be precise!

Your Failsafe 'Ugly Day' Beauty Fix? Mascara, tinted lip-balm and bronzer.

For more information about Tammy follow her on www.paintinginpink.com

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