Best Ethnic Hairstyles For Winter

Summer has come and gone and boy, did we have fun. Now, winter is coming and depending on which part of the country you live in, some of us will feel it more than others. Cape Town, in particular has wet, windy and cold winters, while the rest of the country has to endure dry freezing temperatures. Whatever the case is, ethnic women around the country are wondering, ‘’what am I going to do with my hair this winter?’’

I’ve composed a few ideas to help you deal with winter hair blues.

Hello braids my old friend

One of the blessings of having ethnic hair is that you can use hair extensions to braid your hair. They are the easiest to maintain as they don’t need to be combed or brushed daily. There are different types to consider; from fine long braids, to box braids and even curly braids. And, the BEST part is that you won’t need to look silly with a plastic bag on your head to protect your hair when you get caught in the rain.

ethnic braids

Cornrow joys
Cornrows do not have to be junior. There are a lot of cool hairstyles you could try out. Also, you can decide to use extensions for your cornrows if you have thin hair or short hair.
ethnic cornrows
Weaves with an invisible parting
If you decide to get a weave this winter, why not opt for a style without a parting. Sometimes, a bit of your natural hair is left to cover the sewn part of the weave. Instead, go for a style with bangs or a style that does not expose your natural hair. This way, you don’t have to worry about your natural hair becoming frizzy when exposed to the rain and cold.
Wig it!  
I believe every woman should invest in at least one good quality wig. They come in handy when you have a bad hair day and need to look your best. Also, in winter, you can give your natural hair a well-deserved rest and time to recover.
Become a head scarf lady
Why not give head scarves a try? You can keep your head warm while also enjoying the different colours and styles that head scarves come in.
You’ll notice that these hairstyles allow your natural hair to rest and be free of chemicals such as relaxers and the stress that can be caused by styling tools such as flat irons.
I would love to hear what you ladies consider to be your ‘’winter ethnic hair musts’’. For me, it is definitely braids.
Article by: Sharon Kariwo

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