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Sharing my first make up tip means me spilling all the tea, I had specially created my very own setting spray a few years back that gave a dewy finish and made my make up last longer, I had a few make up items then, a pencil liner for my lips, eyes and eyebrows and a foundation :D Yep that's pretty much it :D :D when I was on a budget and trying to make ends meet I used pure glycerin mixed with warm water as a prep and setting spray and well it worked like a charm until my pores started clogging and I developed a horrible rash, so this post will begin with the preparation of your skin for any makeup look, so whether you are into baking, keeping it medium or natural its important that you prepare your face for the heavy products that you will put on your face, and honestly it does not matter whether you think your genes have your back and you will never experience any acne or skin rash, the important thing here is taking precautions and giving your skin the right amount of love that it needs, take it from me ;)

Afriderm Serum Concentrate Facial-Intensive locks in essential moisture to help improve skin firmness and clarity. Your skin will love it upon application, it softens and gives a smooth feel to your skin but most importantly it prevents that dry ashy-look. And last but not least, it has all these natural herbal oils in its formula which provide the right amount of moisture to your skin ;)

attached is a picture of the product, if you suffer from dry sensitive skin, this one is for you
Avoid products that leave your skin feeling awfully dry and uncomfortable, products that give you a sense of burn or itch are a no no and those are red flags, your skin loves you so love it back, work on it and be patient with it but most importantly find the right amount of love for it, what works for me could work for you and if not then continue looking patiently for your skin formula.

Disclaimer: please read ingredients on products before purchasing them, in cases of allergies and medical conditions otherwise you can consult a specialist in dermatology for more information.

*for more on the benefits and types of serums for different skin types and skin problems, click on my profile* lets grow and glow together
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