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So, a lot of people think that just using Hyaluronic Acid is enough right. This is so wrong, because HA is meant to retain moisture.
This means you have to feed it, because if you don't it ends up doing the opposite and will actually draw moisture from your skin.

So, first you want to hydrate with either a hydrating essence or a rose water sprits or both. Next you want to go in with your humectant, which is Hyaluronic Acid, to retain the moisture that you just applied for as long as possible.

Lastly you want to go in with your emollient, which is your moisturiser, to really lock in all that moisture from your previous products.

Extra tip: If you do use actives, be sure to apply them before your Hyaluronic Acid Serum so as not to dillute them too much and wait for them to dry completely before moving on to your next step. Remember that you are already buffering them with your toner and essence / hydrating mist. Also, never ever use more than 2 actives in 1 routine as you don't want to cause irritation.

That's it - enjoy fantastic results!
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