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Ladies... having good hair is just as important as having good skin.

Here are a few tips to help keep your hair nourished during winter.

Firstly-try not to over wash your hair and limit yourself to washing your hair twice a week, if you have thin hair and you experience your getting oily a few days after a wash simply take baby powder and disperse a little in your hair which will help with the oiliness(ladies please make sure you tap baby powder into your to ensure that the baby powder is not visible).It will allow you to have another 2 good hair days before a wash will be needed, ladies with thick hair-this trick works just as well.

Secondly-The night before you plan to wash your hair, divide your hair in to small sections and apply organic coconut oil(can be bought at Dischem and is under R50).Wrap your hair in a old scarf or any head scarf overnight while you sleep. If you cant sleep with a head scarf, simply just put a towel over your pillow

Thirdly- Wash Day! I use Marc Anthony-Oil of Morocco Argan oil Shampoo and Conditioner .After a night of oiling my hair with coconut oil,I like to do two shamoo washes and one condition wash.

I have naturally curly hair so if I plan on adding using my hair iron,I blow dry my tresses using cold air to cut down on heat exposed to my hair.

Hope these tips help your tresses as much as they help mine. :)
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