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Winter is Coming...... Boost your Immune System

Winter is Coming...... Boost your Immune System

And that is true seems like winter has started early in South Africa this year, I feel like this winter is going to be one of the coldest to come. And the worst part of any change of season especially into winter is the dreaded FLU season which we all hate having. I will say I have been really lucky so far no flu yet for me fingerscrossed. But for the unlucky few who do get sick easily here are a few helpful ways to boost your immune system and keep healthy this winter.

1. Vitamin D


A vitamin which you don’t really think about and don’t realise how important it is to you, especially during winter when it’s cold outside and the weather looks all gloomy and you inside the office or in a lecture. And the best form of Vitamin D is good old Sunshine which helps your body naturally produce the vitamin in your body, but alternatively there are foods that natural have Vitamin D such as egg yolks, fatty fish like salmon or mackerel and mushrooms too.

2. Green tea, Chamomile tea and other teas


This is one of my favourites I love green tea maybe that’s why I haven’t gotten really sick. These teas have proven to strengthen your immune system as they are both loaded with antioxidants to keep you healthy. Personal preference I always have a cup of green tea before breakfast as that boosts my metabolism and have few more cups throughout the day, remember green tea has caffeine so it’s best not to drink just before bed. As for chamomile it is a great ending to any day it has a calming and relaxing effect on you to put you into sleep mode. If not mint tea is a great alternative to both of those teas it helps to alleviate bloating and cramps as well as relaxes you.

3. Exercise


I know its freezing cold outside who wants to workout in weather like this, all you want to do is get in bed with a good movie. But remember summer bodies are made in winter a great motivation to keep you going till December. If you do feel weak don’t overdo it with a high intensity workout maybe do some light yoga or a stroll on the beach to get that fresh air you need as well as some Vitamin D.

4. Washing your Hands


I know this is a major rule for me this winter as everybody around is getting sick as all it takes is you being in contact with somebody who as a cold or the flu and touching your mouth, nose or eyes for you to spread the virus. As extra precaution and me not being a Germaphobic I wash my hands regularly and keep hand sanitizer at my desk and in bag best of all they come in hand bag sizes.

5. Avoid processed foods and sweetened drinks


I know this is a really tough one for many of us especially when you lazy to cook on these colds days and grab a quick takeaway I will admit to this one, but try and avoid these foods winter is a season where you need to eat wholesome and good foods that will help boost your immune system in order to keep you healthy. Eating processed foods makes your body work harder to get rid of the high levels of sugars, unhealthy oils and added chemicals in those products.

6. Vitamin C and probiotics (yoghurts)


Good old Vitamin C (orange juice) a vitamin which you always run for when the flu season hits, it might not be the cure but it does help with any complications and its time of the year it’s orange season where they are in full in season. Probiotics is a live bacterium which is good for you especially your digestive system, as it holds your gut flora which holds all your friendly microorganisms that help protect your body against sickness and other pathogens which could harm you. If you can’t get your hands on probiotics try snacking on some yoghurt which is loaded with probiotics, for those you don’t like yoghurts some stores do stock them in a capsule form which is alternative way to take them.

These are just few helpful ways to try keep the Flu and cold at bay, but if not these steps will help you not get the worst form of the flu as well as speeding up your immune system in order for you to heal faster and recover.



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