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Who run the world? Girls!

Who run the world? Girls!

Next time you don't have much to do, Google the lyrics of Run the World. As a white chick, I'm having some difficulty putting meaning to all of the words but I understand the underlying "Pow! Here take that, men!" message. Two lines in the song really got me:

Strong enough to bear the children
Then get back to business

Looking at my relationship with my wonderful boyfriend in this day and age compared to how it could have been in the 50s, I can't help but to think that men could be absolute in a couple of years or so (if things carry on the way they are).

There is so much truth in the lines above. Women have become the breadwinners, the providers, if you will, and still we come home and cook and clean and bear the children (I know nothing can be done about the latter.... yet). I wonder, if we knew then what we know now, if we would have fought so diligently for equality. Or maybe we haven't learned how to adapt to the changing society.

I think our inability to move beyond the traditional roles is the reason why so many marriages lately end in divorce. Our grandparents' roles were very clear - the woman looks after the house and the kids and the man earns the money. Today women do both and it is extremely tiring. I'm all for women's rights and firmly believe that we are capable of doing whatever men can do but I long for the age of the gentleman, when the men at the table would stand up in the presence of a lady. Maybe the problem is that manners have gone out the door.

At one stage (not too long ago) I found myself resenting my significant other because I earn considerably more than him and sometimes it feels like he's not going anywhere, but the job market isn't too kind on men these days. With everything going on in our (women) lives, maybe we should minimize our overflowing plate and give the men control of something in our lives. And by doing so, we’ll have a little bit of extra time and energy and less animosity. So, you can do one of 2 things:

1.  You can establish who is responsible for what, and mix it up if the dynamic changes (evaluate regularly).

2.  Or you can go on being tired, resentful and unhappy.

So ladies, let's embrace the freedom and rights we have today and let's use it to our best advantage. If we're going to run the world, let's do it in style and with flair.

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