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What’s in the bag? My handbag essentials list

What’s in the bag? My handbag essentials list


A while back Beauty Bulletin had a fun contest where you had post a picture of the contents of your handbag at that specific moment and tag them on Facebook. I loved it, because you got to see what everyone else is lugging around with them every day and get fresh ideas on what might be a handy addition to your handbag. My hubby says if anyone actually tried to snatch my bag and I managed to swing it and hit the perp on the head, it would knock him out cold!


I have a list of all my handbag essentials, which I currently am carrying in my handbag every day:


1.       Car keys


2.       House keys


3.       Wallet including my bank cards, store loyalty cards, emergency cash and a lot of slips


4.       Cell phone and sunglasses


5.       Liquid Bullet – this is a very strong pepper spray, which hubby INSISTS I carry around at all times


6.       Hand sanitiser – I love Oh So Heavenly’s Spritz and Go one, as it is for hands AND surfaces!


7.       A small tube of cream – I go and beg at department stores for samples, which are really handy, but if you don’t come right, Nivea also has small tubs.


8.       Sunscreen – lovely if you can go and get a sample sized one, but otherwise a small tube will do or one of those stick ones would also work


9.       Eyedrops


10.   Plasters ( always!) I have small kids and you can never predict when an owee will occur


11.   Lipbalm – I love Zambuc’s cherry flavoured one in the little tin


12.   Tissues


13.   Wet wipes – the Spur always hand out a pile of them when we eat there, so I always use the extra for my handbag ( ssssh)


14.   Headache tablets


15.   Feminine hygiene products


16.   A sewing kit – those hotel ones in the little cardboard folder are AWESOME for this


17.   Extra hairbands and clips


18.   Pen


19.   The current shade of lipstick I am wearing on that day


20.   Lip gloss in a neutral shade


21.   A mirror compact – I have a cute Fat Ladies one!


22.   Mattifying Oil Control paper – Catrice have a great one


23.   Pressed powder compact – I am using Coverall by Wet n Wild – its awesome!


24.   Mints


25.   hairbrush


So there you have it, ladies…my list of what is in my bag. I would love to hear what you have in your handbags!


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