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What are you putting on your face?

​I have had acne prone, problematic skin since I was 12 years old.In my old age, it has become hormonal so I would experience breakouts at random times in a month. The restrictions surrounding the pandemic finally made me take action and read up on why my skin was acting the way it was. The aim was to try and find information in order to change or maybe even alter my skin care routine.I was experiencing scarring from previous outbreaks,an oily t-zone and constant breakouts of what I thought was hormonal acne at the time .Reading up on skincare,I realised I was one of the many people who never really cared to read the list of ingredients at the back of a products I used and "trusted" for my face .I only read the front , even then in passing and would hope that product would work its miracle and fix the problem .Reading opened my eyes to the different types of products used by companies when making facial products .I read about the origin of most products, their toxicity or efficiency in combating the claims made by the products I was using at the time.

To my surpise,I discorved, the sunscreen I was using was completely wrong for my skin type. It was clogging my pores and was possibly contributing to the frequent acnce outbreaks I would experience.This is just one example of many taken from  the wealth of knowledge I have learned and discorved since doing this reasearch on skincare and product ingredient. I now use a sunscreen product that is non-comodogenic. Non-comodogenic means the product does not have a propensity to clog pores.I have been using this suncreen for almost two months.It does not clog my pores while it effectively protects my skin from the suns harmful UV rays.My skin is smoother, clearer ....its breathing again

I look foward to sharing more of my eye opening experiences on this blog.This is just one way reading and learning about product information has helped me.Heres to healthy skin...

Miss Soso

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