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Visible Results with Garnier Dark Spot Corrector

Visible Results with Garnier Dark Spot Corrector

Day 1: Saturday 11/05/2013

Finally managed to collect my package from the Post Office, after a big debate with them as to the whereabouts of the package - LOL.

I applied the Garnier Dark spot corrector as soon as I got home - smells divine.....hope it works! Would have been nice of Garnier to add a leaflet to the box explaining more in detail exactly how it works, how much to apply, frequency of application (once a day??) etc. - so applied as I thought (every morning only). I also have a dark spot on my stomach (after my second child) so decided to see if it would work on that mark as well, fingers crossed!


Day 2: Sunday 12/05/2013

Applied my Garnier Dark spot corrector as soon as I washed my face this morning. Again love the fragrance, no visible results as yet. For some reason (might be just my imagination) but the spots looks darker than before..........we'll just have to wait and see


Day 3: Monday 13/05/2013

Got up this morning and applied my Garnier Dark spot corrector. Just cant seem to get over the fragrance, love it! After my third application my skin feels softer, but I cant say that I see a difference in the dark spots as yet.


Day 4: Tuesday 14/05/2013

Got up this morning and inspected my face properly. I now apply my Garnier dark spot corrector for my fourth day in a row. I seem to have very soft skin, and a more matte appearance than before. Some of the spots (pimples) I had on my face since starting the application of the cream seems to be fading (finally! YAY). I also have a look at the dark spot on my stomach and (might be just my imagination) but the spot seems to have become smaller and lighter than before - I have a new spring in my step! Looks like this cream just might do the trick after all


Day 5: Wednesday 15/05/2013

Again applied my Garnier Dark spot corrector. I have a nice even skin texture this morning, soft skin and a matte finish. Got to work this morning and one of the ladies at work wanted to know what concealer/base I was wearing as the dark circles under my eyes (which are really prominent and forever present) seems to be much lighter (I am doing a little dance in my mind). I was so pleased to tell her that I have no make-up on whatsoever and that I have been using the Garnier Dark spot corrector for 5 days now - She wrote the name down so I think Garnier just got a new customer!!!  I am so excited now to see what my skin would like like at the end of the two weeks testing trial!


Day 6: Thursday 16/05/2013

Skin tone - nice and smooth - check!, Matte finish - check! Dark spots gone? - Not yet! Might be expecting to much too quickly, but hey! they said we are to try it out for 2 weeks.'s hoping!


Day 7: Friday 17/05/2013

Lovely matte finish, soft and more even skin.....dark spots not really getting any lighter


Day 8: Saturday 18/05/2013

Wow, still amazed that I seem to be getting more than enough moisture from this product. Where before it was flaky I now have moisturized skin.


Day 9: Sunday 19/05/2013

Was hoping that by now all my dark spots would be gone FOREVER! but seems I would have to use it just a little while longer - and hopefully would then have the required results


Day 10: 20/05/2013

Wow! Wow! Wow! Even skin like I have never experienced before, Flawless Matte Finish! I get compliments around every corner! Thank you Garnier for this great product!


Day 11: 21/05/2013

I can definitely see a reduction in the visibility of the dark spots I have been treating over the past 11 days! Even after this trial is over, will I continue to use this product! I have already bought another of the Garnier products - trust it will work just as well as this one!

Day 12: 22/05/2013

Seems like the progress I have made thus far have not come to a standstill. I still love the fact that my skin feels moisturised all day long and doesn't turn oily at all. What I have noticed is that once I apply my Garnier BB cream it seems to cover the dark spots better than before. They are still visible, but a lot ligther


Day 13: 23/05/2013

Don't have anything more to report on the Garnier Dark spot corrector and my two week trial is coming to an end. 

Day 14: 24/05/2013

I have now come to the end of my two week trial and the end of by two week beauty diary. I would like to thank Garnier and Beauty Bulletin for giving us the opportunity to test this product. I do still have some dark sports. Some of the smaller ones seems to have disappeared completely. The larger ones is still visible, but since I still have product left, I will continue to use the product even after this trial ends. Because of the nice results I got from this product I have bought the Garnier BB cream, and love this product too! 

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