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Top 5 Super Foods!

Top 5 Super Foods

I’ve come to realize that the key to most glowing skin or healthy hair, can’t always be found in products we buy from the store. You would be surprised at how a good diet plays in getting your skin the way you want it to.




I did one research to share with you all my top 5 “super foods” that are perfect for your body and to take care of different beauty concerns you might suffer.


Bell peppers


♥ Bell pepper 


 These are packed with vitamin C and they kick up collagen production for healthy hair and skin.




 ♥ Lentils 


 If you suffer from a lack of iron then it’s best to have some Lentils, they are a great protein source ( especially if you a vegetarian)and are perfect to get that full bodied hair.




 ♥ Chia seeds


 Don’t underestimate these tiny seeds, they are packed with so many goodness like protein, fiber and omega 3. They reduce any inflammation you might have and they absorb lots of water which keeps you filler for longer.




♥ Almonds 


 They are packed with flavornoids and Vitamin E, this is vital for your skin health. They can also ward off any damaging free radicals and oxidative cause by smoking.




 ♥ Sea buckthorn


 These are packed with omega 7 and helps to promote strong hair,  nails and helps with skin retaining moisture.




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