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Top 10 Beauty Budget buys.

​I have only recently started wearing makeup on occasion for the promotional and casting jobs I do.

so I kind of had to purchase a few beauty products so i could look presentable at work.
Being a student, I had to look for the best value for money products and here is a list on of my top ten.

1.Johnson's Face Care Creams (any supermarket, -/+R30)

One thing I find extremely important to have is a good face and body moisturizer that lasts and keeps your skin moist and hydrated for a long time. I find that the Johnson's Face Care Day/Night cream works best for that. and you dont need a lot. It comes in a tube or jar which i think is really cute.

2.Johnson's Body Aqueous Cream(any supermarket -/+45)

I absolutely love this product, I am not too sure if falls under beauty but i had to put it on here because it is amazing. This body cream keeps your skin hydrated and smooth whilst simultaneously leaving a soothing scent to your skin. It is perfect for dry skin and isnt greasy so you can use it all year round even in summer.

3.Rimmel London Kate Moss 01 Rossetto Lipstick(Clicsks -/+R80)

I Love red lipstick, if i am wearing lipstick it is almost always a bold red. I Love the Rimmel London kate range because they are super pigmented and last long (if you apply some translucent powder on it) and comes at a very great price as opposed to high end products. great value for money without breaking your bank account.

4. Rimmel London 60 Seconds nailpolish (Clicks -/+80)

I love nailpolish, provided it is only in Pinks,reds, black or white but i love it. So whenever i do my nails, being the impatient person that i am i want it to dry super quickly especially if i have a promotion to work. I find that the Rimmel london 60 seconds range is perfect as it is not only time conserving, but it doesnt chip easily or have a fading clolour. I find this to be a great investment.

5. Wet n Wild Lash mascara Carbon Black (Clicks R84,50)

I am not a huge fan of mascara cause i already have pretty long lashes, but i do like them when they look fuller and darker for going out with mates or work in the evenings. This mascara is perfect for that natural dark full look wihout the clumps or extremely exaggerated length.

6.Maybelline BabyLips tinted Lip Balm (Clicks R39,90)

When i dont have my red lipstick on, i like to keep my lips hydrated and chap free incase I get a few smooches (hahaha jokes), But i lke babylips because it gives my lips that little bit of colour whilst keeping them moisturized. It also comes in cute little tubes,endless flavours and delightful scents. 

7.Maybelline Stay fast Foundation (Clicks R129)

I dont often wear foundation, but  when i do, i love for it to have full coverage with a light weight and minimum creasing as well as a good price. The Maybelline stay fast is exactly that and it lasts a while and is also quite easy to remove at the end of your day. 

8. Eyelash curler (Clicks R59,95)

if you are like me and God blessed you with long but super unruly eyelashes then this is something you need. What i love about this is you only need to purchase it once and you are set. so on those days where you just dont feel like mascara just curl up your lashes and off you go. super cheap super easy.

9.Yardley stay fast translusent powder (Clicks R109,50)

This is what you need to mattify your look after you have applied your makeup, it is extremely important as it helps set it as well which keeps it in place and keeps it on for longer. You can also use this on top of your glossy lipstick and it will become matte, so you dont have to worry about buying both matte and shiny lipsticks.

10. Bobby Pins (China town R10 for a pack of 200)

Okay so i dont know about you guys but i LOVE bobby pins. They literally make my life. I cannot go without them. whether you have long hair, medium length or short hair, you will love this because even if your hair is super short, they will help you force that cute tiny bun into place and they help neaten up hairstyles by pinning up those rebel hairs.
plus  they are so cheap so why not?

These are my top ten Beauty Budget buys.

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