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Too Faced Le Grand Palais, was it worth it?

Too Faced Le Grand Palais, was it worth it?

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Hiya bellas,

For the first time while writing a review, I still have mixed feelings about the Too Faced Le Grand Palais collection I picked up more than a month ago. I've used the palette numerous times and there's some days I love it and some days I regret wasting my money on it.

If you saw my sneak peek post on the Too Faced Christmas in Paris Holiday collections, the Too Faced Le Grand Palais was the queen of the set. Being the largest set and opening to a backdrop of a chic, Parisian apartment overlooking the Eiffel Tower, this was by far the prettiest of the lot. There's a cute, dress-stand with Sephora and Too Faced shopping bags on the one end and an adorned staircase on the other. Boasting 18 eyeshadows, 2 blushes, a bronzer, a highlighter and deluxe sized samples of the Better than Sex mascara, Shadow Insurance Primer and a Melted Lipstick, all renowned items from the brand. I saw this as my chance to try out a few products for a fraction of the cost of buying each product individually. Big mistake!!!

The Too Faced Le Grand Palais wasn't like other limited edition items I've tried before like the ABH Shadow Couture palette, the Carli Bybel palette, the Gwen Stefani palette, where it was made with such great quality to live up to the brand's standards. I think this collection was made, with no special care in formula, just for the holiday season, to entice makeup junkies with the amazing packaging. I know the quality is not up to standard because I own a Too Faced Chocolate Bar which I actually love and is probably one of my favourite neutral palettes. I read a lot of mixed reviews before I went ahead with my purchase because like I said, even though I knew the eyeshadows weren't up to par, I wanted to try more and then I had another thing coming.

Too Faced Better than Sex Mascara

The Too Faced Better than Sex Mascara claims to curl, dramatise and lengthen the lashes and I've been wanting to try it since I added it to my wishlist here. When I tried it though, I wanted to cry but I didn't in case I messed myself. The formula was thin, runny and not much product stuck to my lashes so it didn't even curl a little bit. Again I think they made this in bulk because no ways can that be their winning formula.

Too Faced Melted Lipstick in Peony

The Too Faced Melted Lipstick in Peony was true to it's claims because while it was too light for my skin tone, the soft, sponge tip made application a dream and it lasted hours sans eating and drinking. The formula was creamy and dried to a satin finish but did accentuate and settle into the cracks of my lips.

Too Faced Shadow Insurance Primer

The Too Faced Shadow Insurance is probably the least favourite of all the eyeshadow primers I have ever owned or tried. I apply it with my fingers, as I do with all my primers, and it makes my lid look and feel greasy. If I set it with powder it allows the eyeshadows to blend better otherwise it ends up being patchy and takes so much more work to make it look decent. It did make the eyeshadows last a bit longer than using without it but not as long as other primers I have tried.

Too faced Le Grand Palais Palette

On to the shadows themselves. The reason for my mixed feelings is that some of these shadows look amazing in the pan, swatch perfectly on the finger but when applied and blended look like either nothing or something completely different. All opinions below are my own and according to my skin tone. Any stars next to the name indicate that I like and use the specific shade.

  • White Christmas - Matte (lots of fallout, great for brow highlight)
  • Satin Sheets* - Frost (pigmented, beautiful pink-ish gold eye and cheek highlight)
  • Vintage Lace - Matte (lots of fallout, pale yellow too light for transition shade)
  • Delightful - Metallic (not very pigmented)
  • Moon on Their Wings - Glitter (no actual colour just gold specks)
  • Cobblestone* - Matte (medium brown great for transition shade, very pigmented)
  • City Lights* - Has micro-shimmer but comes off more matte (very pigmented, easy to blend, great transition shade)
  • Dreamlight - Frosted (little fallout, buttery and pigmented)
  • String of Lights - Glitter (lots of fallout, no colour, specks of pink and blueish glitter)
  • Yule Log - Shimmer (lots of fallout, very pigmented but not easy to blend)
  • Wish List* - Metallic (not much fallout, semi-opaque)
  • Arc de Triomphe* - Metallic (pigmented, great for highlight, little fallout)
  • Belle Femme - Matte (chalky, patchy and didn't blend out well)
  • Stiletto - Matte (semi-opaque, not easy to blend, no fallout)
  • Eiffel* - Glitter (lots of fallout, great colour, good pigmentation)
  • Midnight in Paris - Glitter (chunky, blue glitter particles, no base colour, lots of fallout)
  • Champs Elysees - Frost (minimal fallout, semi-opaque)
  • Party Dress - Shimmer (very pigmented, minimal fallout, easy to blend)
  • Stardust* - Matte (semi-opaque, buildable)
  • Skyline - Semi-matte (sheer, chalky)
  • Flush* - Shimmer (gorgeous golden highlight, no fallout, easy to blend)
  • Sun Bunny* - Frost (gorgeous bronze, no fallout, easy to blend)

As you can see there are a lot of eyeshadows in the Too Faced Le Grand Palais collection that have chunks of glitter and that almost always results in poor pigmentation and a lot of fallout. I love shimmer eyeshadows and I haven't really owned any chunky glitter shades but I sure learnt my lesson. Out of a total 22 shades in the palette, I only use 9. Along with disliking the mascara, primer and lipstick this palette was definitely not worth it. I paid R1350 for the palette from Muse.SA and I could/should have rather invested it in the Vegas Nay Stardust palette or something alike. It's the first palette I regret buying but hey, "We live and we learn".

Have you had any palette regrets? What do you think of Too Faced products?

Until next time...


Nisa xoxox

*** This post first appeared on

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