‚ÄčImagine a world where makeup is forbidden in all it's forms- a world where your bare face is on display all day, everyday with no concealer to shield your acne scars, no powder to hide the shine, no foundation to build over your broken out skin, a wold where your face is yours alone- Bobbi Brown can't help you!

I live in that world every single day, you see I work in the food industry where the law forbids excessive make up. So everyday i have to wear my bare, uneven tones, acne scarred, oily T-zoned face for 88 other people to stare at for 9 hours- Torture, I know. unfortunately I cant change the law, and I love what I do too much to even entertain the thought of quitting so what do I do now? I'm going to embark on a journey to clearer more even skin, throughout this journey I will buy and test  products which promise to help clear up my problems and because I know somewhere out there someone is suffering a similar fate to mine, I have decided to share this journey with you all. 

My next blog post will be on the Bionike b-lucent range which specially targets uneven skin tone. 

Wish me luck!!!!