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The Extended Version

The Extended Version

When I was younger I was blessed with a mass of cascading golden locks that used to caress my backside and at times be plaited into intricate beautiful braids. Since then, I have cut my hair into just about every style imaginable, some great, others....well the word horrific comes to mind! That said, I don't think I have ever been able to grow it past mid-length since. As I've gotten older, the thought of dealing with masses of hair just seems like a headache, so I've always had it cut at mid length with the notion that only young girls can pull off ultra long tresses. This changed after seeing so many stunning pictures of starlets wearing their hair long with the help of extensions, after some serious Google time, I made the decision to try them out.

I went with the Micro Ring extensions which are known to be the most undetectable hair extension on the market, using the brand Cliphair which is a UK based company but do deliver world wide for free! Their extensions are 100% Remy human hair which is a definite must if you are wanting quality extensions that are able to be styled using heat such as tongs or straighteners.


You get 50 strands per pack and would probably need around 4 packs to do a full head. What I love about the Cliphair's ones is that they offer the least damaging Micro ring hair extensions. It doesn't involve glue, heat, bond or chemicals - hence least damaging to your natural hair. They usually last around 3 to 4 months.

The whole process probably took a good 5 hours, I've heard it can be done in less, however I thankfully have a meticulous hair dresser who took his time placing each one, so this didn't bother me at all. It was also completely painless, allowing me time to catch up on some reading.

b2ap3_thumbnail_104_0634a.jpg              b2ap3_thumbnail_104_0635a.jpg

As you can see my hair was a couple inches past my shoulders before they were inserted.

I have been completely in love with my hair since and have been stopped by complete strangers to comment on it. I will be honest and say that there are a couple points that are a cause for irritation. Firstly, they can be quite heavy when wet and my usual shampoo routine now has to be done with a bit more care. It takes me double the time to dry and straighten or curl and they tend to make you rather hot especially when its muggy out, I am very thankful winter is on the way.  It did take me a couple nights to adjust to sleeping with them in as I did feel them, but only slightly and I stopped noticing after the first week or so.

On the whole I am overjoyed, it seems that every day is a good hair day, my 'out of bed' hair even seems appealing. I am also thankful that it has forced me to put more time and effort into my hair, Martin Luther once said "The hair is the richest ornament of women." I agree and from now on, I will treat it as such.


For those who find the Micro Rings a bit daunting, there are some amazing clip-in extensions. My sister has the full head double wefted set from Cliphair and they are just gorgeous, her hair is slightly thinner than mine, so they give her unbelievable volume and she has the freedom to wear her hair naturally from day to day, when she wants the X Factor locks, she simply clips them in. I am definitely  purchasing these in the future.

For anyone who is considering investing in some, I highly recommend getting a 'Tangle Teezer' brush/comb as it makes short work of de-tangling without damaging the hair extensions or your own hair.

Below are the links to Cliphair's website, where you will be able to see the large variety of extensions they have on offer, as well as the details for my hair dresser for Durban girls, he did an amazing job and is very experienced when it comes to all forms of extensions. (I am so grateful for the time and effort he put in to them.)

If any one has any questions, feel free to comment below.





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