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Stretching my relaxer

Stretching my relaxer

Last year I made up my mind to go on a journey of hair discovery. I had always kept my hair around the same length or went bald every two years. After witnessing the amazing natural hair movement, I decided to start my own personal movement.

Waist Length Relaxed Hair.

I had contemplated sharing every detail as to how I got my hair to where it is now and what changes I would make  in order to improve growth. I had completely forgotten that the way I grow my hair is long, boring and extremely tedious.

Let me take you on a journey called:


After my previous post, I haven't relaxed my hair. which means that my hair hasn't been exposed to a relaxer for 8 months. 

This is not a new thing for me to do and my hairdresser hates it. I go by the theory of relaxing your hair once and at most twice a year. 

This theory does not sit well with my hairdresser, but she is always amazed that I don't experience shedding like most people who reach 7 months post relaxer and are most probably transitioning to natural hair. 

She usually tells me that she'll cut it all off if I carry on going the way I do but never does which I am very grateful for.

Generally, after a relax session she measures the growth and always asks me the same question. 


Well here is a step by step guide as to assist anyone who is transitioning or someone who wants to try out my ridiculous method.

​Day 1 ​Month 3 ​Month 4
​Get a relax (don't sit too long until it starts to itch, once it looks flat just ask for a wash)
​Now, this may be unhygienic to some or really weird to others but I try not to mess with my hair until I've enjoyed my relax for 90 days. On the 90th day, I wash my hair at home. This is not just a plain simple shampoo and dry wash. I generally deep condition my hair to give it some strength.
​The washes become more frequent. Every wash has its purpose and this one is to mend the protein bonds that were broken by relaxing. I use a very good treatment product or hair mayonnaise by ORS and that heals my hair quite well.
​Month 5​Month 5-8​Month 9
​I deep condition again. I know right! A lot of deep conditioning but, this time, I do this just before I plait my hair. In the picture above you see my favourite go to protective style. Box braids!
​I normally have my protective style for about 90 days +. This is because of the simple fact: I grow my hair in its natural state at the roots. I only use oils and natural girl friendly products to look after my hair in this period. I wash my hair once in the middle to give nourishment to the new roots. I love this new hair till it knows how to hold on to my relaxed hair so that when I relax after I have taken out the braids my hair retains length and is thicker.

​Get a relax (don't sit too long until it starts to itch, once it looks flat just ask for a wash). I always do this seven days after I have taken out my braids and done a protein wash (treatment)

I hope this helped you out a bit. I'll be relaxing my hair this week for a wedding but if I had a choice I would stretch out my relaxer another week. Thank you again for checking out my post.

Peace, Love and Happiness, XO

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