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Smashbox Creates Legendary Lips

Smashbox Creates Legendary Lips



So I visiited my smashbox counter again; I see they know me very well already. (smile)

I was really fascintaed by the lipstick range and this is why I had to go back and try it again, it was legenadary.. Privet but heavenlyb2ap3_thumbnail_smashbox-lips.jpg


I am always on the lookout for a good lipstick, one that lasts the whole day, doesnt end up on my clothes, teeth or food and that moisturises and protect my very dry lips.


The sales lady at the counter was very friendly and recommended various shades to suit my skin colour. I took her advice but, I was there to play and not make a decision immediately.


Just a little on my lipstick choiuce:

I prefer matte, moisturising and nude colours. I do not always want people to know that I am wearing a lipstick so that is whty I keep it simple. But, just for that day I decided to live a little and go all bright and shiny just for fun.


The first colour I tried was a bright red (please forgive me for not remembering te names, they did tell me) and kt was great. Application is smooth and easy and the lady helped me with the correct lipstick application technique. I do not think that red suits me though, lol it is way to bright and I look crazy lol


My second colour of choice was a lovely peach. This was a good colour because it was not too bright and very matte with no shine or gloss. Wow, they have sooo many lipsticks here I just did not have the time to try them all.

When I read this on the website:

Make lips even more luscious by changing their shape. Subtly round out your upper lip around the cup...  I honestly did not believe it until I saw it for myself.


Lips appear more curvy, sexier and full of life (not that I even know what this means for lips)........


Its good longwear lipsticks and I only needed to re-apply after a couple of hours (she gave me a sample) which was an incredible feeling.



Oh smashbox, I am soo hooked on your legenadary lips.


Wwill be back soon to buy one!



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