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SKINCARE: Blemish Clearing

​Good day BB's

This is my first skincare review and I hope you will enjoy this post and the next coming posts. 

I have been using different Avon products for a while now, kind of mandatory when your sister is an Avon Representative, and I must say I do enjoy this brand.

As a person who suffers from dark spots and blemishes on my skin, I look out for products that cater for the clearing of blemishes.

In the month of July's booklet I saw something that I liked and thought I would try it and it and make it my first BB review journey.  So last night, I cleansed my face and put on the brand new musk as the products arrived yesterday.

But first, the product I am going to be taking you on a journey to is the Clearskin by AVON, Blemish Clearing Jelly Mask. I have been using this masks sister product for a while, the Blemish Clearing Micellar Cleansing Water on the daily to take off my make-up after a long day at the office, and it has been treating me well.

So, back to the blemish clearing Jelly Mask. It feels gooey, soft and jelly. The product inside is purple colored, matching the purple wording on the outside of the container.

I put the mask onto my face as generously as possible, it gave me a tingly "hottish" feeling on make face which made me almost wash it off immediately, but it went away as fast as it started and I kept the mask on for fifteen minutes as instructed, washed it off with warm water and I must say it left my skin feeling fresh and oh so wonderful.

I will be using the product twice a week for the next two weeks and will be posting the outcome after the two weeks are done, to show any feedback on how it has worked for the blemishes on my face.

Thank you for taking the time out to read my blog post, see you back here in two weeks.


Amanda Mbondezi

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